Defect of body of the manufacturer that reduce toxin turns over virus lair
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Sufferring when computer during more and more virus are invaded, the mobile phone also became the target that virus atttacks with computer, and the menace that get is bigger and bigger. Current, the mobile phone virus that network safety expert discovers has exceeded 500 kinds. Revolution of mobile phone safety had pulled open big screen, but the mode in the absense of maturity, firm of the software that reduce toxin turned over virus software market to encounter awkwardness in the mobile phone however.

Mobile phone virus begins flush

Appear recently virus of trojan of a kind of mobile phone, weak point the person that enrol in a few days is close already 1000 people. As we have learned, this virus formal name is MsSver.A, virus peddler is called this virus camouflage into " barrow beautiful shadow " installation of game coax user, and actually, inside installation bag besides normal play, still baled the virus form that can send a short message automatically in mobile phone tiring-room. These virus are certain the ordering short message of SP paying fee, after infection, virus physical ability is enough in what user fine long hair uses up an user below unwitting circumstance mobile phone endowment is expended. More serious is, this virus is returned can screen the 10086 announcements deducting cost that issue, increase the loss of the user.

Be in early mobile phone virus is born earlier 2005, world of track and field is held in Finnish capital Helsinki mobile phone virus ever erupted to affect event when bright and beautiful contest. The mobile phone virus of this kind of Cabir that be called uses close quarters blue tooth wireless signal erupts in the transmission between the mobile phone, in stadium the place with this kind of dense throng facilitates transmission, weak point its mutation rises abruptly inside a few days 55 kinds. The safe official Ka Siji of TeliaSonera of Finnish and telegraphic enterprise has feeling ground to say quite: "At first we just discovered tens of removing, but many mobile phone virus erupted with the three unities inside short time. "

Accompanying the popularity of smartphone and mobile Internet, mobile phone virus also begins to run rampant. Mobile phone virus can be browsed through letter of short message, colour, mail, website and the means such as ring download has transmission. Mobile phone virus can bring about the information in user mobile phone to be stolen, the data is corresponded to break down by cutout, local network, still can mar the mobile phone hardware such as SIM card, chip even.

Although harm of mobile phone virus is massive, but what user of a lot of mobile phones knows to mobile phone virus however is very little. Ou Bingkun expresses technologist of service of appreciation of Shenzhen constant wave: "Many users are not clear about the harm of mobile phone virus, and inside a variety of 8000 mobile phone software that download can supply on market at present, the software that is aimed at type of firewall of mobile phone virus is very few still, potential risk is huge. "
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