"Super- inspect V8 " solution of bank supervisory system (attached drawing)
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One, overview

Commit a crime for keep within limits and blow, reduce financial risk, dot of important place of bank need counterpoise undertakes be mixinged effectively with business place reliable monitoring, material of dot of implementation counterpoise important place and the sound of business place, video undertakes kinescope save.

Current, although TV monitoring came true to be promoted to digital technology by imitate, but use management kind did not produce simple change, still stay in sheet to choose type administration level, its malpractice expression is in the following respects: It is monitoring is managed by business site proper motion, because personnel quality reachs the reason such as administrative vigor inadequacy, equipment occurrence malfunction cannot discover in time; 2 it is the site distributings wide, consult call kinescope inconvenience; 3 be after calling the police cannot automatic and seasonable upload image data, the key checks in after the event; The 4 attune that are kinescope data are read in can deal with directly, basic level site can delete information data about personnel, can borrow even so called " objective reason " kinescope of out of service; 5 because manpower restricts basic level orgnaization to wait for a reason with post rotate,be, master monitoring establishment to manage the staff increase of flow and technology, increased monitoring establishment to run a risk.

Be based on the existence of these objective elements, how to apply the IT with adult already employment, close to cover a system to become efficient supervisory system through network connection with scattered sheet, from go up at all the malpractice that resolves the single government that choose form, realize network of monitoring of complete administer TV, make monitoring quality and efficiency get promotion truly, become bank safety technology to be on guard a key of the job.

   2, demand analysis

  1, financial system is distributed wider, the branch is more. So cent of supervisory system of requirement new generation is dot of branch, subbranch of a bank, deposit or a small local branch 3 class network manages mode, with branch the network centre as whole system, subbranch of a bank is node of 2 class network, deposit dot and a small local branch are node of 3 class network, build system of a safety, efficient, advanced monitoring of telenet sth resembling a net.

2, the system can join a large number of calling the police equipment, those who cooperate place how to defend a system, for example door magnetism, infra-red, smoke feeling, vitreous knapper, one but attack obtain unusual signal, the system can call the police automatically, upload call the police information. . If entrance guard system has,offer port, OK still and shirt-sleeve go in the system.

3, the system is OK and complete kinescope of real time this locality, offer the picture quality of high quality, and can long-range call at any time.
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