Outfit of Changchun international finishing, besmear and anticorrosive technolog
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Begin time: 2009-04-21
End time: 2009-04-23
Hold a place: Changchun international exhibition center
Contact: Yao Qian
Connect a telephone call: 13844899870
Sponsor an unit: China International commerce promotes chairman spring equinox to meet
Undertake unit: Exhibition of trade of grand of the Changchun City shows service limited company

Exposition of manufacturing industry of 2009 China Changchun

Outfit of finishing of international of the 2nd Changchun, besmear and exhibition of anticorrosive technology equipment

Sponsor an unit

Exhibition of trade of grand of branch of stimulative meeting Changchun, the Changchun City reveals China International commerce serve limited company

Support an unit

Government of people of government of Jilin province people, the Changchun City

Society of project of car of society of Jilin province automation, Jilin province, Jilin saves mechanical engineering

China division of company of group of the first automobile assist the surface defends society, discovery resource finishing

Association of outfit of anticorrosive project, Harbin besmear, Changchun eletroplates association, China eletroplates website

The swift and violent development of Chinese countryman economy, quickened the ongoing pace of project of Chinese besmear outfit, surface, as the ceaseless progress of science and technology, what exterior project has science is omnibus, the diversity of the method, the protection of extensive functional sex, potential innovation sex, environment, very strong practical with tremendous synergism sex, get consequently the attention of all trades and professions. The economic benefits that its produce makes a person fix eyes upon more. Current, class of our country technology is all ready, the equipment of partial surface technology, material and craft already achieved international advanced level.

The current exhibition assemble that regards Changchun manufacturing industry as one of exposition is domestic and international the most advanced besmear outfit, eletroplate Changchun will reveal new facility, new technology, new material before reaching finishing industry, compose builds trade trade and communication platform.

Before finishing of 2009 Changchun international besmears outfit and exhibition of anticorrosive technology equipment invite sincerely global business, will join exhibit, indent, seek cooperation, we think those who reach finishing to produce management enterprise and user of mechanical manufacturing industry to the letter eletroplates in besmear outfit support energetically below, current exhibit meeting general to achieve complete success!

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