How is the computer room monitoring mixes prison house run good computer room?
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Demand of computer room monitoring

As social informatization degree rise ceaselessly, the computer room builds dimensions to expand increasingly, its facility amount also increasingly grow in quantity, equipment of computer room environment (if offer system of distribution system, UPS power source, air conditioning, fire extinguishing system, security personnel to wait) the moving environment with must be IT system to offer normal momently, if the accident cannot be handled in time badly again,cause serious consequence possibly. Accordingly, at present the management of a lot of enterprise computer rooms must use 24 hours of person specially assigned for a task to be on duty will time field of computer room of go on a tour of inspection equipment, accentuated not only so the burden of administrator, and often cannot remove trouble in time. Especially at present home lacks computer room field generally the professional administrator of equipment, undertake to the computer room computer automation administration appears very serious.

Perfect conformity, unified managing

Computer room environment and power plant supervisory system basically are pair of computer room equipment (if offer system of entrance guard of power source of distribution system, UPS, air conditioning, fire extinguishing system, security personnel to wait) moving condition, temperature, humidity, clean spend, the switch of system of the voltage of power supply, electric current, frequency, distribution, the administrative function that achieves air of letter of pair of computer room telemetering, Yao, remote control, Yao, for the computer room efficient management and safe operation offer strong assurance.

The development trend of network of computer room monitoring, need not repeat investment, use communication of in-house local area network and government, stabler safer. Use TCP/IP means, each monitoring computer room can reach a database easily to establish a connection with monitoring management center, with inferior cost, guard the information such as image of fire control, video to carry out the monitoring below unified platform to environment of the power plant of monitoring computer room, computer room, safety.

Monitoring function

• offers distribution: Monitoring of power source parameter;

The power source inside monitoring computer room takes position of line ark and voltage of ark giving a clue, electric current, frequency.

Equipment of • computer room: UPS monitoring;

Each parameter such as voltage of input of power source of the UPS inside monitoring computer room, output, electric current, frequency, the setting calls the police parameter, equipment occurrence malfunction and achieve call the police parameter sets range, can issue a warning to the user at any time.

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