Open " detect freely " maintenance activity veil
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Almost all car brands can roll out the maintenance activity that detects freely every year, according to reporter observation, take seriously to after service increasingly as manufacturer, nearly two years almost every arrive change garments according to the season when, each brand agency can roll out a theme differ, and form very much the same detect freely activity. But reporter discovery, relatively the enthusiasm at car business, the manner of consumer appears a bit cool, have many cars more advocate express, "Free lunch is not delicious. "

Businessman vehicle advocate have different view each

A lot of cars advocate in what receive car manufacturer free or privilege is complete the car detects when information, think detecting freely is a businessman only make beautiful.

To the car advocate for the profit that won't have what materiality, return some vehicles advocate after thinking to drive the car to 4S inn, the meeting after experience detects freely is found out by counterjumper more problem asks Fu Feixiu manage is debugged, feel to spend money so. So a lot of consumer do not wish to participate in an activity in.

The car advocates the gentleman tells a reporter, he receives 4S inn to send a short message to invite him to attend to detect freely last week activity. "That is agency is being done beautiful, went perhaps wanting a flower to treat unjustly money, not was necessary. " Mr Zhang says to the reporter so. And additionally the netizen sends Tie Dahu to be duped on forum: "He goes to 4S inn accepting before the Spring Festival detect freely, the result is original well car, be waited to need care and maintenance by box of fish oil path, brake, leather belt, wave, repair entirely come down, spent 4000 multivariate. " he expresses to also dare not go casually again at the same time 4S inn is done detected freely.

As we have learned, many cars advocate the stunt that feels free to detecting is businessman him conduct propaganda nevertheless, the activity flows at the form more.

And car business people think, undeniable some cars business is in roll out detect freely when the activity, borrow machine increase repair a project, but the complete car that major brand place makes detects freely, it is a kind of when car manufacturer begins inside countrywide limits activity that passes on a client, accordingly, to the car advocate for, significant still. And, a lot of detecting freely is the go on a journey before be aimed at a section and section hind long-distance returning characteristic, detect freely system of chassis, brake, antifreeze. Divide outside detecting, the favourable policy of the cost when reduce or exempting stop work for the day is implemented on the basis that some inn still provide in manufacturer, if the user trades the component such as filter of engine oil, machine, tire, storage battery, all avoid the cost when knock off, these still have real value quite.

The expert says car advocate not give up eating for fear of choking-refrain from doing sth necessary for fear of a slight risk
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