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The development of IPTV is be obvious to all, below the network framework of basis IPTV, why is reserve of need of telegraphic operation business planted place of the technical personnel related IPTV and each IPTV requires technical skill is a problem that must face.

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"21 centuries what is the most important? -------Person just "

Though be a jape, but it is the essence that spoke nowadays communication industry however.

Current, telegraphic operation business is having major strategic transition, the commercial model that gives priority to from the platform of one's voice in speech that provides a tradition and support network to more agile, it is the center, commerce model that can provide digital multimedia professional work quickly to develop with the client, a when be expressed great expectations among them main business is IPTV.

IPTV namely TV of seesaw pattern network, it is one kind uses network of couplet net, broadband cable television, a variety of technologies such as multimedia of collect each other, communication at an organic whole, user of homeward front courtyard is offerred include digital TV inside the brand-new technology that a variety of seesaw pattern serve. IPTV also is called in home network TV, it is one kind is based on INTERNET burgeoning technology, the brand-new media configuration that is service of a kind of individuation, seesaw pattern. IPTV can offer dibble seeding, broadcast / communication of direct seeding, video, short message / the business such as service of colour letter, news, game.

IPTV carries telegraphic channel, use ADSL or aether network network of finite perhaps TV accept broadband web, will pass power transmission to inspect signal through Internet agreement, regard main terminal as electric equipment with family expenses television or computer. Offer those who include a TV program inside a variety of digital media serve. Its key technology is use computer or " TV of machine top box " the signal that finish is received. Reductive so that be in PC software or TV,broadcast into primitive data. Its construction of system basically includes to shed media service, program to collect make up, memory reachs the subsystem such as attestation plan cost, main memory and deferent content are spread media document with what MP-4 is encode core, because be based on IP network to transmit, want to install content allocation to serve node in the brim normally, configuration sorts media service and storage equipment, realize the transmit of signal.

But, want to had made the service of IPTV truly, support ability to be able to generate huge demand to the technology of IPTV network. IPTV, IP TV of just as its name implies, to telegraphic operation business, not only should be in charge of maintaining operation IP network and the signal that should be in charge of offerring TV, still need at the same time will both can be united in wedlock effectively, provide all sorts of new services for broad terminal user. This carries to present network the technical capability of dimension personnel poses a challenge undoubtedly.
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