Fixed shift is shirt-sleeve (FMC) development existing state of affairs and grad
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The flying development of the technology such as mobile, Internet is ecbolic new business market, also entered area of traditional operation business live brand-newly environment. Business of foreign telegraphic operation is in when facing new competitive pressure, offerred transition plan in succession, carry integrated and different business and network, produce the advantage of whole business operation, and this among them of FMC carrying out is main link.

, fixed and mobile shirt-sleeve concept and meaning

1.FMC concept

In July 2004, the company of word of 6 home appliance with the biggest whole world was comprised " fixed - mobile telephone unifinication is allied (FMCA) " , the unifinication that aims to be enterprise user and broad consumer to offer fixed phone and mobile telephone serves integratedly. FMCA alliance takes the lead by British BT company hold water, other 5 members are Brazilian telecommunication respectively (BrasilTelecom) , Korea is telegraphic (KoreaTelecom) , NTT, RogersWireless and Swiss telecommunication (Swisscom) . FMCA is as follows to the definition of FMC:

FMC is operation business unites the resource that uses shift and fixed operation trade and network to offer the way that telecommunications serves for the client, the appreciation business that the content of the service includes data, speech, video and other operation business to be able to be offerred.

Although give out very hard the strict definition of FMC, but the character that its have a few typical cases truly, be like: FMC is wired with wireless technology and business compositive, any any moment, places, mix through any terminal receive equipment suitably to acquire any business, business subscription and receive a technology to have nothing to do, use easily simply.

The meaning that 2. carries out FMC


Follow closely is final the expectation of the user;

(2) raise user faithfulness to spend, strive for new user;

(3) raise a network to use, reduce cost;

(4) the pressure that eases beehive, improve service quality;

(5) the complement that enclothes to mobile network;

(6) go to the lavatory introduce business of high speed data

2, FMC architecture

The overall architecture of FMC is shown 1 times like the graph, look from inside architecture place, FMC includes the confluence of a certain number of administrative levels, the following key elaborates the confluence of the network.

The confluence of ● business, wait like business of speech, short message, Presence, multimedia, PN.

The confluence of ● terminal, wait like phone, intelligence phone, PDAs, portable computer.

The confluence of ● network, if receive,join net and core network.

3, of core net shirt-sleeve

Framework of confluence of 1. core net

The target of below one phase that IMS is business net gradual progress, region of circuit of the implementation on real significance and in group the unity of region, benefit corresponds at multimedia the implementation of kind of business; IMS has IP at the same time (the technology gathers together shirt-sleevely dot) and multimedia (business gathers together shirt-sleevely dot) two character; Those who be based on IMS is fixed / mobile network is shirt-sleeve (FMC) the concept is getting more and more attention and self-identity stage by stage. But FMC is not equal with IMS, FMC>IMS, FMC=Pre-IMSFMC IMSFMC.
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