Shallow talk about network video in electric power transformer substation unmann
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Foreword -- safety is on guard the domain is in the development of power industry

In last few years, power facilities, communication radical stands by pilfer, destroy appear in a lot of media again and again, conveniently is inputted on the website " power facilities is destroyed " , " base station by pilfer " wait for a keyword to undertake searching, the result shows mutual number is mixed with 10 thousand relevant news webpage. Be on guard to safety because of transformer substation of branch of this electric power systematic demand is more strong, because of be closely bound up of the life of power industry and people, production, once power facilities experience is destroyed, can cause large area power failure, its consequence is unimaginable, especially the United States was added 2003 " 8.14 " and Muscovite 2005 " 5.25 " accident of power cut of these two large areas rings alarm bell noisy to us. As the development of power company, unmanned value defends transformer substation during more and more in each corners of the city occurrence, electric power maintains a branch efficient to transformer substation safeguard, the demand of centralized management field rises ceaselessly, urgent need can raise its level of management, work efficiency one set to accord with prospective science and technology to develop the system of the trend, will solve what appear in day-to-day management to defend an issue.

Be worth system of power industry informatization during compositive development spring tide comes, safety is on guard the domain intervenes timelily power industry, its value and meaning are approbated by power industry place ceaselessly. Power network construction, electrified wire netting attempers automation technology is applied, transformer substation safety is on guard use efficiency of grade requirement promotion, power supply asks to rise etc, these promoted safety to be on guard the domain new application in power industry.

Problem -- why does transformer substation want " nobody are worth defend "

Synergism of centralized management, depletion of numbers

Power industry is the pillar of all economic activities. As the rapid development of national economy, energy demand increases considerably, the country increased the investment strength that electrified wire netting builds. As transformer substation grow in quantity, distributinging drop is more and more extensive also, some stands by town dwelling place, also some is located in a mountainous area etc. To be in remote mountains wild outskirt, need the transformer substation of and other places of tramp over hill and dale, day and night accredits personnel to be on duty mode is put in a lot of malpractice, if cannot master equipment in time to run state and processing obstacle, be on duty the safety of personnel also is couldn't get assure to wait a moment... , for this, at present a kind of unmanned value defends administrative pattern to already was in transformer substation is extensive by praise highly. Alleged and unmanned value is defended is the member that show equipment has fixed watch, administrator is one week later ability is checked to the spot commonly, pattern of this kind of management can synergism is decreased endowment.
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