Pioneer of boreal capital eaves: DJ series is electric and safe brief introducti
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1, DJ series is electric brief introduction of safe intelligence supervisory system

Supervisory system of electric and safe intelligence calls system of fire alarm of leakage of electricity or electric fire supervisory system again.

Pioneer of boreal capital eaves is electric and safe the DJ series of development of limited company of science and technology, production is electric and safe intelligent supervisory system, passed " center of product quality supervision and inspection of electron of national fire control " and " the country is electronic-controlled distribution facilities quality is supervised examine center " detect strictly. This system uses the design concept that human nature changes, was opposite in the past of electric fire inactive be on guard turn into to prevent actively, go to detect in real time to the residual current of distribution loop, inpour passing report, collect detects, call the police, a variety of functions such as control and record at an organic whole, technology of will traditional electric technique, electronic IT, computer and contemporary control technology are united in wedlock faultlessly rise, it is the new-style and electric safe supervisory system that has intelligence to influence analytic ability.

This systematic application is handy easy travel, installation is convenient, use reliable, the electric fire monitoring that can apply to all sorts of differring extensively uses an occasion. To improve a design better level and right choice install DJ set supervisory system of electric and safe intelligence, carry out national level GB50045-95 to carry out " civil building designs the high level fire prevention standard " (2005 edition) , national level GB13955-2005 " protector of movement of odd electric current is installed and move " , national level GB14287-2005 " electric fire supervisory system " in about electric fireproof relevant provision, we wrote this to design type selecting brochure originally, aim to offer monitoring of electric fire prevention and the complete set solution of the safety that use phone for broad user, consult in order to facilitate when broad user type selecting, design and construction installation.

1.1 systems composition

DJ series is electric and safe intelligent supervisory system (supervisory system of the following abbreviation) by monitor of electric and safe spot (the following abbreviation: Spot monitor) , electric and safe data centers controller (data of the following abbreviation centers controller) form with the microcomputer. A microcomputer passes RS232 interface or the controller in USB interface and much stage data set connects, the controller in a data set is passed 2 bus line and at most 128 spots monitor connects.

Spot monitor and transformer of 0 foreword electric current, electric current transformer makes supervisory system of electric and safe intelligence jointly before buy part, transformer of 0 foreword electric current, electric current transformer detects respectively the residual current of distribution loop and three-phase job electric current, will detect signal carries spot monitor. Electric current of job of the residual current that the main function of spot monitor is pair of distribution loop, three-phase undertakes effective monitoring and upload real time data to center controller to data. The some that should suffer monitoring answers the residual current of the road or working electric current exceeds beforehand the forecast of set alarm phonate of the hair when the value is smooth beforehand alarm signal, more than beforehand set calls the police phonate of the hair when the value, smooth alarm signal, can be according to user set inside formulary time cut off the power supply source that gets monitoring return, can pass 2 bus line to send alarm signal or early-warning signal at the same time center controller to data.
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