LED of outdoors medium big screen shows systematic solution
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, the development setting of outdoors medium

Media and advertisement are one of industries with Chinese the rapiddest development. According to Lei Man's brother (the data of LehmanBrothers) , chinese advertising came true in going 5 years of 15.5% compound year of increase rate, and the advertising increase rate of the Asia-Pacific area besides Japan is 9.2% , japan is 0.7% negative, north America is 4.0% , europe is 2.9% .

According to BOCI data, the outdoors TV ad that just started 2003 has become a branch with the rapiddest development inside outdoors advertisement domain. Outdoors TV ad includes installation to wait for the flat screen on vehicle in office building and supermarket, busy outdoors place and bus and taxi.

Be in China, outdoors media is centered at the city of a few high administrative levels, the vehicle in these cities is very common, and ad fare also enough uses quits and relevant running expenses rise. Seek the new ad that specializes in a contract to had not included to put in a dot as new entrant, competition becomes intense with each passing day.

2, the development of outdoors medium trend

Be based on the platform of outdoors medium advertisement of full prize LED:

LED electron shows screen is technology of indication technology of carry consumed cable, video technology, multimedia technology, network technology, computer technology, automata, be aimed at room inside and outside all sorts of use environments and design, display the screen of all sorts of information elements, use appropriative controls a technology, use at showing prices of character, text, graph, image, animation, stock and signal of all sorts of multimedia information and TV, kinescope. It forms indication screen of composition by array of LED parts of an apparatus, have high definition, colourful, perspective stability of big, job, life long, power comsumption is low advantage. Because use unit modular structure, the size of screen body can go all out neatly by user requirement make.

LED shows the system basically has: Screen of indoor monochromatic information, double base lubricious video screen, complete color, screen of information of outdoors monochromatic of; of screen of true color video, double base screen of video of color, complete color, true color; Prices of all sorts of norms negotiable securities display screen; Model indication screen; And need to apply all sorts of LED at each industries to show a system according to the client.

3, actual application is referenced:

Systematic application

1, maintain pattern artificially:

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