The GSM long-range supervisory system that is based on ARM2410 devises plan
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Summary: On the foundation that analyses defect of existing car warning apparatus, the systematic design that elaborated the GSM long-range supervisory system that is based on ARM2410 in detail, hardware design and software are designed. This one part that long-range supervisory system regards Che Zaixin as breath system, use the module of WAVECOM special communication that supports GSM, have remote, wait for a characteristic without noise pollution and two-way control.

Key word: ARM; GSM; Long-range monitoring; WAVECOM; Two-way control

1 foreword

Current, the intelligent traffic system that the car holds information system to make technology of shirt-sleeve and advanced electron, computer, communication gradually (ITS) in essential part. System of Che Zaixin breath is compositive on unified hardware platform monitoring of car appearance, guard against theft, automatic navigation, media is broadcasted, a variety of information such as the network that browse serve, with the separate development of the many components inside the car compositive photograph is compared, saved cost of material and communication cost, be helpful for the digitlization of car information, also be helpful for rising truckload sexual price is compared.

Car supervisory system, it is a of system of Che Zaixin breath main component, the guard against theft that is a car provides important safeguard. Current, main component is the principle of car monitor as follows 3 kinds: Short distance monitoring and wireless and long-range monitoring and monitoring of GPS fixed position. Monitor of commonly used close quarters sound is felt through oscillatory sensor commonly by protector body (like car or safe) unusual vibration, next drive high-power sound calls the police. Defect of this monitoring means is monitoring distance weak point, tall to environmental generation noise pollution, rate of false alarm, monitor is easy be disassembled or destroy. Common and wireless monitor is the monitoring that uses proprietary radio frequency to have news, have transmission distance to suffer the defect such as fraise interference shortly, easily. Warning apparatus of GPS fixed position [1] uses contemporary electron IT, space technology and network technology, implementation car and car advocate real time information feedbacks, also have presence " blind area " , charge is more advanced blemish.

GSM is a kind of relatively mature, perfect, application is comprehensive system in the mobile system that is based on technology of time much location at present. GSM system centered technology of the contemporary encode that believe a source, channel encode, interweave, technology of encode of balanced technology, digital modulation technology, one's voice in speech and technology of slow frequency modulation, introduced many computer control and management in the system at the same time, assured the validity that data transmits, security and dependability consequently.

ARM processor is current embedded the uses generally processor in the system, regard Che Zaixin as the hardware platform of breath system, have volume small, cost low, performance is high, inside embed resourceful wait for a characteristic.
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