The service is the premise that public praise transmits
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Begin from 1972, he learned Chinese 36 years, had settled near 10 years in Beijing with family person. Regard torch of 8 foreign countries as one of hands, his Lanzhou on Yellow River edge finished torch of Beijing Olympic Games to deliver, had run oneself " the most important 50 meters in life " . He is Beijing hand limited company of the IT that give a hand (hand of the following abbreviation gives a hand) general manager blame in · appropriate Liu Xin.

Be Urey of 53 years old is a China, ever at last centuries 70 time study Chinese and Chinese literature in Muscovite university, TASS of the Russia before been hold the position of is stationed in Beijing reporter, he likes to drink Pu'er tea, the Beijing opera a list of plays that loves to listen most is " Xiang Yu the Conqueror fastens female singer " and " white snake is passed " , ever was like Lu Xun, Guo Mei, often abandon the work that waits for literary great master to edit Russian to publish, the Russian in still translating contrasts " Beijing opera is illuminative " . Chinese culture is attracting Urey like a huge magnet, and be in China doing poineering work is to bring him more deep " Chinese complex " .

Chinese dish causes " Chinese complex "

1972, su Quan faces stand erect in, be in that year namely, urey enters Muscovite college afro-asian institute learns a language. Japanese is very popular at that time, a lot of students that enter afro-asian college hope to learn Japanese. And because Chinese learns difficulty to be mixed high certain unpredictable political element is not valued.

After enter a school, youlide knows him to be divided to Chinese of study of Department of Chinese Language and Literature, the joyance that the college enters first vanishs completely very quickly, multiple Chinese characters and 4 kinds of when hold hard tonetic Rangyouli are immersed in deep despair in. This year, he is 18 years old.

However the enthusiasm that before long the summer vacation experience after let this youth light pair of Chinese. The mother of friend of a Russia is a Chinese, in Russia best at that time China cafeteria does cook. A day of dusk of summer vacation, urey goes to friend home be a guest, life first time took pure Chinese course, the boiled dumpling that it is Chinese tradition actually, noodle and a few simple fried dishes that fry cucumber and so on.

Up-to-date after-thought rises, urey still is profuse in praise to meal of that one China, when he says to taste savor Chinese meal for the first time in him, fell in love with China. Sample this in friend home the motive force that the good impression that Chinese dish and that dinner leaves becomes him to learn Chinese.

4000 3000 Chinese characters, Chinese characters... the Chinese characters that Urey knows is increasing, pronunciation also more and more standard. Urey uses " stick the buttock " the experience that will describe that paragraph to learn Chinese: "Must learn conscientiously, because the thing of mechanical memorizing is very much. "
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