Those who build CS to manage service brand " new general plan "
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"The person that do not seek all ages, inadequacy is sought temporarily the person that; does not seek overall situation, can't get the better of one region " this word, actual it is to admonish our enterprise policymakers ought to are opposite the development of oneself, sex of the look up before wanting to have, should have strategic eye, want especially " bosom friend " .

● I think, in the development process of an enterprise, him boss " the part is changed " it is crucial

Doing poineering work period: "Close all previous is in person "---Want to seek profit pattern, and take care of everything oneself. Want to break through market environment crisis right now, strive to make the market big, management relies on person of boss feeling draw over. The boss' part more resembling is engineer-----In company poineering course, build up from nothing, the compose of the tenet of the enterprise, concept, guiding principle, policy, system, group is built wait for these gene sexes, directional, principle thing to need a boss personally set, and All matters, the boss wants personally bother about and start work personally even. Since an employee of average a gleam of, it is an administrator that coordinates everywhere, it is one leadership staff of Yan Jiuding at the same time, still be of course " golden gold " the business partner of dispute.

Be in long-term: "It is somewhat, do not be somewhat "---Should go duplicating mode, catch put greatly small. Want to break through growing phase crisis right now, go all lengths to make the industry strong, management relies on person of company system standard. Boss at this moment the part is an oversee----The enterprise reachs the designated position basically in personnel, basic frame is put up after coming, all management business entered normal locomotive course. At this moment, the boss also did not have necessary volume business to go into action personally, basically work even if superintend employee of this period boss to whether handle affairs by regulations system, in managing once have new issue,appear to organize forces to solve instantly. He must be stared at in a gleam of, must run a company personally namely.

Sending exhibition period: "Do-nothing and treat "---The picture sees outside wanting innovation mode, picture. Want to break through entrepreneur to lead the crisis right now, try every means makes the brand is done noisy, management relies on company culture to condense a person. Boss at this moment the part is partner-----The company expands certain scope, formed company of sex of a public, the culture inside information of the enterprise is already special and right now solid, when employee has a kind of sense of pride and contented feeling, the boss can exit the leader's part. Had formed whole decision-making mechanism and executive mechanism, had the brand of mature company culture and characteristic and reputation, the professional handler group that the managemant decision of the enterprise, day-to-day management already had high level will be in charge of, the boss closes regularly simply red be.
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