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Life has the opportunity that can grasp a few times inaccessibly, I feel to take up the post of general manager of some company branch at the outset is significant opportunity when he hold. I and branch ensemble member are shared with everybody below how a branch by break down almost condition accomplished the task to complete rate first process.

6 years ago, to complete Master school work, I ask the application from headquarters of branch recall Beijing can win approval originally. Result, because another branch general manager wants to leave one's post, headquarters prepares to send me to this branch to become general manager, let me consider. Because be done in previous branch standing deputy still always feel cannot ground of bold and resolute is done. Feel the opportunity is rare now, then jump at appoints, in the first month of the lunar year 16 drive car was driven toward this branch that day.

Went just discovering, what this branch circumstance compares anticipation is worse: Ministry of low, sale and content shed staff morale department manager leaves his post, house of storeroom management disorder, charge does not fall high (after the event just knows make a false report of former general manager character cost and decorate cost, make a false report with respect to what did not decorate at all the hire of the office, return the deliver goods car that oneself loan buys to hire a firm, be in charge of driver salary by the company. ) finish smoothly with former general manager after having sex, change legal person, begin the work.

One, stabilize employee rank above all, build departmental mast form. Choose conscientious old stuff to be in charge of sale ministry, financial department, customer service ministry, information department, content shedding a ministry to wait temporarily. Sale ministry begins action trade according to company new policy; Customer service ministry informs old client company of new change in turn, solve bequeath problem, beat interest to everybody; Information department and content shed a ministry to undertake to inventory goods check content sheds a ministry to emphasize two-men be in charge of making particularly; Financial department most headache, the cash on company debt face just 40 thousand much. . . . . . Some employee people do not know I can do how long, some works seriously, still express the determination that obedient arrangement works hard to me under the counter; Some the surface is dealt with. During, headquarters is led also for many times phone directive, want to stabilize employee, stable agency, want company of have the aid of to have favourable policy to begin the work energetically next, still can make the ad that enrol business in local mainstream media.

April, I let department of customer service administration (ministry of former customer service) go new personality of talent mart invite applications for a job. Because company name is bigger at that time, applicant is true still many. I am adopted think to compare efficient interview way oneself, (see " resource of small-sized company labor power is shallow talk " ) invite applications for a job district director, keeper of information department assistant director, storeroom, sponsor the personnel such as the accountant.
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