Does 54 people collective break the catalyst that supplies financial crisis for
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The heat topic of big city always cannot leave a room, of the room is a half a lifetime on the person that buy a house directly is miserable with sweat, fastening them to leave the happiness of half a lifetime and hope directly. And the overgrowth of house price, let a person flinch. From last year the bottom begins, building city gradually by " bovine city " turn for Xiong Fu, drop broken building city is mythological. Especially the house price of area of Shenzhen and other places, dropped nearly 1/3. Shenzhen building city also appeared a special appearance -- , break for, and stop the group that lay increasingly grow in quantity. Many industry public figure thinks, break drop aggravate floor price further for the phenomenon.

54 people are already collective break for a month

Land agent

Land agent

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Many 10 owner collects eve in Li Junhao front courtyard to be applied to development business pressure, this has been the 4th their organization collective action asks to return a house. Owner people say, developing business is to claim every time chief went abroad, appear personally without the person all the time with owner arrange with.

The reporter understands, 56 owner that return a house are the house that bought last year, having 40 is Shenzhen owner, have 2 Taiwan and 2 owner of Hong Kong additionally, other it is owner of pool a tall building. These owner tell a reporter, ask the owner that returns a house has many 100 at first, but only 56 people chose to return a house finally. Additionally still many 50 owner chooses to continue to offer a building, but also had sued to the court, basically be to chase after the compensation of break a contact that demands delay to reach a floor and fund of building quality compensation to wait.

House price: Floor price dropped at least 1000 yuan

When buying building dish every square metre is in the price 4500-6000 yuan above. And present house price fell at least every square metre 1000 yuan, be in 4000 yuan the following, and circumjacent building dish the price also is in fall. To floor price issue, the reporter develops business connection several times to interview together, all did not get a response.

And in 56 owner that return a house, already 54 people collective is broken for. After be being sued because of removing room issue to the court, this building dish mortgage Fang Andong to develop bank Dongguan branch to also had intervened.

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