Outstanding market person is necessary DNA
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Market person is to point to the person that does market sale, sometimes we also call sale the person.

Market sale is basically OK fractionize is the job such as survey, advertisement, public relations, sales promotion, channel, sale. Market sale in short is a process that discover market demand and satisfies requirement.

A lot of people once had asked me, what distinction do market sale job and other job have? What kind of person suits to get mart job?

Tell on the whole, with technical research and development working look is compared, any well-educated people can become person of a market. But should have done market sale work, not be anybody can be done get.

I think, the in one's heart of outstanding market person should have 4 kinds of gene:

1. communicates ability

The working core of market sale is to communicate. Above all, survey is a process that communicates with the person. We know, the most authentic survey is a face visit, the course is sought in the face in, must undertake communication with the person that be visited. The person that how to let be visited speaks one's innermost thoughts and feelings, expression gives actual demand and think of a way, should have certain skill. Have the person of good communication ability only, ability gets the most credible data and information.

The communication capacity demand of advertisement and public relations job to a person is higher. Advertisement is to pass the originality generation that has wallop to get numerous attention, want a plan to give good advertisement, with respect to need research suffers numerous, understanding numerous contented accept numerous curiosity and the demand to information. Public relations is one is mixed suffer numerous communication job, it is a job that establishs public letter force before public relations object more, no matter the object of public relations is media, still be a government, or consumer, in the process of public relations, communication skill is attached most importance to especially should. The highest state of public relations is " without public relations " , only such, ability builds public letter strength.

Besides public relations and advertisement, the sale works more depend on with communication ability. No matter advertisement sale or product are sold, good salesperson is good at selling the psychology of the object and individual character demand through research, undertake good communication. Successful sale is become by successful channel understand certainly.

" grandchildren strategics " say: The bosom friend tells the other, 100 battle do not danger. Nowadays in complex and changeful trade war, how can accomplish tell the other, it is market staff the problem of principal attention. For example, when the market that is aimed at different city has sale, how to undertake communication according to the disposition characteristic of different city crowd, it is the issue that sale person should study above all. Market sale personnel should master from disposition of urban configuration, citizen, business affairs formal, this locality changes requirement a few respects undertake effective communication, we often say, "Talk about the business with Peking Man, have to talk about politics " , "Talk about the business with Shanghai person, long-suffering and good-tempered it is the first element " , "Talk about the business to want to be familiar with dock culture with Tianjin person " .
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