Professional sale success is top-ranking large store
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In Shandong prosperous city " beauty parlour love the home " publicity of name it may be said, nobody can compare the business gross area of 400 much square metre, sufficient cure of hairdressing of collect of area of 200 much square metre, sweet fume fitness of health care of SPA, preserve one's health, gem gal the large store at an organic whole, denounce endowment tens of 10 thousand yuan luxurious decorate can to say top-ranking, top-ranking figure, top-ranking environment, top-ranking establishment, top-ranking employee, top-ranking brand, high-class service. The high-end client of the county is the faithful client that loves the home for the most part, the heavy traffic before the door sends busy picture. But the fall back on after days the case 2005 and photograph comparing is having however now " great difference " , how is loving the home to experience " thoroughly remould oneself " is change accomplished today's brilliant?

Accomplishing top-ranking beauty parlour to rely on top-ranking environment and establishment merely is insufficient, environment and establishment represent a side merely, and managing good beauty parlour is to want " hardware " (decorate adornment) and " software " (service facilities serves a level) nice gift goes, (why some get a technology with what do finance affairs oneself do poineering work, not only did not make money instead compensate gets principal to not have return, still a lot of star and him expert start a company, a bureau of dynamic is indebted a few 100 million close down, crucial reason is mere highlight in a respect, and successful safeguard is integrated ability and integrated element decision) .

The employee in running a course is " motivation " the boss is " cox " , shop is " fascia " , the environment is " foil " , the product is " foundation " , major is " edge tool " , the service is " the soul " , fostering a talent to make top-ranking group is urgent affairs, send professional school to learn professional knowledge academic and aspirant employee, (hairdressing beautifies hair, make up yoga of body of health care of plan of beautiful shell, artistic design, sale, nutrition, model) alleged " with factitious this " . Managing is every omnibus link must want to had been done, vacancy of a link produces domino effect, alleged enrol inadvertent overall to all be defeated. Expert of sale of expert of well-known company strategy, beijing collects Zhi Zhuo to jump over Mr Gao Jianhua of firm of business management adviser to say: What shop manages is good depend on with difference whether to realize " complete product " important! Had done " complete product " ability makes top-ranking shop. Complete product: 1 sale strategy; The sale of 2 shop locates; 3 causes client locates; The position of 4 shop; 5 products quality; 6 major serve a level; 7 decorate a style; 8 wholesome conditions; 9 whole environment; 10 integrated impression wait 10 big factors a moment. Shop relies on environment and establishment are client of very difficult long-term tarry only.
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