The Leng Sai with embedded type hot advertisement is taken an examination of
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According to CCTV - the report that Suo Furui agency studies, only 2006, countrywide put together art production value of embedded mood advertising is close already in recreational program 1 billion yuan. If add the embedded type advertisement in the carrier such as game of online sth resembling a net, teleplay, film, this number is will bigger, more astonishing. As a result of working relation, the author the plan of advertisement invite public bidding 2007 understands the TV medium such as TV station of wide to article of wide report of CCTV, Hunan, Shanghai, Chongqing somewhat. The author discovers almost all TV station has develop intent of embedded mood advertising energetically. Embedded type advertisement is peremptory become the economic point of growth with TV new medium and development heat. Face this reality, the author feels special awkwardness: On one hand, embedded type advertisement is one of research direction of the author all the time, 8 years, oneself research achievement is agreed with by industry at long last, confirm for practice, delectable but congratulate; On the other hand, the author feels very lamentable, is this embedded type advertisement? Illuminate such going down, a few years can embedded type advertisement still live?

Principle of embedded mood advertising suffers inspire in modern medicine " the organ transplants " . When undertaking the organ transplants, embedded content must be an organic whole with be in harmony accepting put oneself in another's position, become each other cannot intersected whole. Can produce the reaction that discharge different otherwise, endanger life. Same, embedded type advertisement also should be solved how organic the daily life that blends in people this problem. Advertisement must be an organic whole with be in harmony of the study of people, life, job, recreation, ability is accepted extensively. Accordingly, advertisement must not show a trace to be not ignored again however the ground is embedded arrive among agency product or agency environment, as organic as intermediary clue, character union, while people enjoys the plot of a play, ad message slips into cerebrum, when people prepares to buy, it emerges again it is before, affect its to buy decision-making. [① ] what watch us to have instead is alleged " embedded type advertisement " , they and what to interrupt type advertisement to have to distinguish? In this inconvenience one by one exemple lift, reader Zhu Jun can contrast one by one with afore-mentioned criterion, can discover certain and alleged " embedded type advertisement " the life with still interrupted people normal actually, job, study and recreation.

The author thinks, outstanding embedded type advertisement should have the following characteristic (also be its advantage) [② ] :

It is to cannot break up a gender. Advertisement adopts embedded form, become with embedded object cannot intersected an organic whole, the one part of the image in making agency product, prop, setting, part and clue. People also cannot pass digital technology measure to come to rift of advertisement and agency product component again. If you want to enjoy a program, you must enjoy ad at the same time. This kind mandatory brought profit is clearly: It can draw the attention of people more. Although be mandatory, but, when the author does small-sized findings shows: The person be visited of 98.28% is in " the interruption with be totally unrelated of agency content style type advertisement " and " with agency content style closely related the embedded type advertisement of couplet " between, more apt is latter.
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