Sale of medical look forward to: Client expensive choice, not expensive much
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The primary purpose of sale is to pass those who sell the work to begin make business sales volume the largest change, the implementation that carries this kind of sales volume thereby gets the enterprise manages the reasonable price between cost and sale price to differ, it is the interest that the enterprise acquires finally namely.

The factor that affects company product sale is very much, those who have price side, of product quality respect, of the respect that pack, of personnel promotion respect, of respect of market environment influence, of channel adaptability respect, of respect of sales promotion policy etc. But in the final analysis, the side that has the most immediate effect to sale of product of company of medical action business still fulfils an agent above, begin because of what sale of all early days works, it is to can attract the agent of each area, different actual strength and company cooperation effectively to undertake the product is in of market a gleam of sale, realize the gain of the sales volume promotion of the product and enterprise finally thereby.

Limit to enrolling the identity of business company agent actually very simple, can divide for old client and new client two respects. The company is cooperating or old client has cooperated before, new client is the enterprise attracts those who come over to be about to cooperate or just cooperate through certain propagandist measure. Look be like simple, but because its are in an enterprise to develop a process,medium gigantic your work is used, need enterprise is treated seriously. Actual condition is, the most enterprise in us cannot be balanced very well both the action in business management activity, blindly develop new client blindly, the effect can not make a person satisfactory. Author Ceng Jian contacts a company, oneself has variety of nearly 40 representatives, year sale does not cross 20 million yuan, face 18 province city of countrywide to undertake enrolling business, have the agent with 5000 many large minor volume. Apparently fire of wind seeing wind, actually is careful and aggregate one next agent is average sale of a year is controlled 4000 yuan only, every month sales volume still is less than 350 yuan unexpectedly, let a person be surprised really!

Be the company grew the fault of train of thought of new client? Actually action business company wants to have as far as possible the development train of thought of much client natural resources is not wrong, the fault does not have very good assurance in the enterprise with respect to the fault old client and new client manage the action in the process in company move business, because certain faithfulness is spent and old without play client sells the dominant position with huge potential to the enterprise, stopped in the game that repeating ursine a blind person to break maize.

One, should play emotional card with old client

Every enterprise that enrol business has his fixed client, the collaboration of these clients and enterprise arrives a few years from 3 months, differ ten years. In the cooperative process of these old clients and enterprise, they had certain faithfulness to spend to the enterprise more or less, risk sex of collaboration is inferior. And the dimensions that the enterprise has old client and actual strength, the development that also affects a business directly is concussion flabby, still climb successively litre.
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