Recessive advertisement: Allow advertisement unlike advertisement
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Recessive advertisement becomes crucial stage property, is to hide in a certain corner to be acted the role of ordinarily no longer article, recessive type advertisement will offer a kind of more effective advertisement to spread way for the enterprise.

Recessive advertisement becomes crucial stage property, is to hide in a certain corner to be acted the role of ordinarily no longer article

Admired Feng Xiaogang to direct the film " the world does not have a thief " hind scarcely can overlook such an adventruous scene: Extremely fair king is thin in the process that with wicked mother-in-law Wang Li is opening BMW car to drive quickly on highway, as a result of both divide the spoils not all and produce conflict, dash against of within an inch of head on and the automobile body that come imprints have " Great Wall lube " truck, the process that turn shines to avoid BMW car in the truck in, the figure of Great Wall lube had ten camera lens to have show to its at least. The advertisement picture that the people after insecurity passes can'ts help be being engineered meticulously to be Feng Dao and open-eyed. Actually, in " the world does not have a thief " the recessive ad that the Feng Dao in whole department film plans meticulously is far still more than this one, from BMW car, Nuojiya the mobile phone arrives HP jotter, beautiful can shift of digital pickup camera and portable printer, China, " Beijing morning paper " etc, still do not forget to come to on the stand that takes in the travel round hand that the side plays the part of extremely even " the net that clean out treasure " advertisement. Can say, feng Xiaogang is in " the world does not have a thief " the film recessive advertisement develops acme.

Ford car all the time since it is sponsor of 007 series movies, like Aston Martin this car depends on DB5 just about the 007 films 1964 " golden finger " famous the world. And Ford can be in for Bond " royal gambling house " relay add drives the price of Ford high specified number that paid 100 million dollar. Ford car is especially this piece produced 4 Aston Martin racing bike, among them 3 are filming in the process by finish, still one acts in global make one's rounds. This model will throw large-scale sale in June 2007. The recessive type ad that can say this kind of type is in " royal gambling house " in apply very successfully. Be in this piece in, besides Ford, still Europe rice eggplant, beer happy force, Suo Ni waits. These recessive type have the resource exchange kind with thing easy other people already in advertisement, also have the kind of ready money business that buys according to the price.

Be in " royal gambling house " in, TV of liquid crystal of the Vaio jotter that the Suoniaili that to person impression heart of the deepest state of nothing is more... than uses ceaselessly believes mobile phone, Suo Ni, Bravia, blue smooth player and Cybershot number camera, these common stage property replaced tool of mysterious before high-tech secret service. Consequently the comment says " this costs huge Suo Ni ad namely simply piece. " a few of Suo Ni are become red product not only by clever recessive in gut, some still made the necessary device of 007.
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