Break out of an encirclement of sale of car 4S inn
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These year, development of domestic automobile industry is very rapid, people lives more and more cannot leave a car. Car line of business flourishing, those who present a pillar industry is due daring, made enormous contribution for economic growth of China. Automobile industry grows at full speed, inn of factory of the car point of sales of row upon row of, maintenance, hairdressing resemble emerge kind flourishingly and piece. But grow two this years quickly as the sales volume of the car, the sound that applaud is not inside the industry, the day of the car 4S store that basically sells terminal as the car is sadder and sadder instead. A few years ago, car 4S inn basically is to build a store, earn an inn, at hand wants the boss that fixed capital accumulates to be able to pay close attention to this business only, there is no lack of astute Taiwanese comes to the mainland set up shop sells a car. But time passes and the situation has changed, to today deficit of car 4S inn is not rarely seen. 4S inn go up at every turn the investment of ten million, manage rise to have difficulty walking however, the investment of 4S inn bosses resembles is a stock same bedding bag became firm! So how look upon now the predicament of 4S inn? How be broken through again?

One, car 4S inn is a flock of characteristic agency

Should find car 4S store today the reason of predicament, want the fixed position proceed with from car 4S inn above all. Car 4S inn is a basis manufacturer requirement, agency investor builds " before the factory after inn " agency mode, covered car sale, spare parts to supply, the function such as maintenance service and information feedback, included almost all functions of channel terminal, this kind of mixed trade pattern decided 4S inn must rely on the support of manufacturer. Manufacturer of leech on to of car 4S inn lives, lack paddles his own canoe ability, also lost a lot of speech to counterpoise in the negotiation of channel. The relation that depends on as a result of this kind exists, inn of a lot of 4S often also supplies his manufacturer is called " headquarters " , they did not realize, oneself and car manufacturer are cooperative relation only, oneself are one of component of a channel of manufacturer only, manufacturer does not need to be in charge of to the investment of car 4S inn.

The small profit period that the car sells has come, be 4S inn above all by percussive, store of past car 4S opens to earn, attracted each passerby horse to be thrown in this industry then, car business creditable can gain money, where is people what is there against it? But hind entrant discovers very quickly, car 4S inn of 5 stars class decorate, lack 5 stars grade " software " kimono Wu, do not have the profit of 5 stars class more; What is hit in this one domain spell old agency to also plaint the business is done harder and harder. Practitioner is more and more confused: The investment of the ten million on car 4S, when can you call in capital?

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