Cancel 11 golden weeks? Businessman netizen " take a brick in all "
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"When the condition is mature, 11 long holidays also are necessary to cancel " .

Cai Jiming teachs controller of group of task of reform of holiday of university of the active advocate of golden week system, Tsinghua a few days ago again character of a person of extraordinary powers. This opinion on public affairs draws great attention of the netizen immediately, the netizen states dissatisfaction is deprecatory in succession, businessmen also express dissatisfaction in succession.

"If 11 cancelled, a year remnant a golden week, mean the job to want to arrive from year year of end, turn even the axis! "

"How many person can be fulfilled truly annual the holiday of 20 days that take salary? " be in in the everybody in an unit when busy ground is working, can you be in time of 20 days ' don't two ear hear firm work, of one mind to go only does landscape swim ' ? "

If cancel the golden week, we are successive two golden weeks are lost, will tell to the businessman, this is not a good news really.

Super- most probably the netizen does not agree

But experienced the citizen that loses 51 long holidays to all make known his position to want to withhold 11 golden weeks. Many citizens express, the golden week to them, meaning more it is to visit one's family visit friend, shop shop, rest travel. If 11 cancel again, leave them have golden week of a Spring Festival only, visit his family repeatedly visit friendly time to be done not have.

Square gentleman has a daughter of 6 years old, hold a post in a large and state-owned company middle-level management cadre, he is before this " cancel the golden week " staunch proponent, and 51 long holidays cancelled really, let him feel an ineffable lose.

"From spend the New Year now, total him feeling is turning even the axis, breathing space of a day is done not have, resemble 51, the holiday that carries midday 1 day each, far from satisfy one's thirst, the atmosphere that has not felt a red-letter day was done not have, " square gentleman says, "And when having 3 golden weeks before, most the time that at least has 21 days can take family to go everywhere, enjoy family happiness. Because of these 21 days of time in, the person of the company need not go to work, you need not worry about at all the thing of the unit. Present 51 basically be one big on the weekend, the job does not have a law to interrupt at all. "

Want the proposal that cancel to 11 golden weeks, square gentleman changed an attitude, he thinks: "If 11 cancelled, one year remnant a golden week, mean the job to want to arrive from year year of end, turn even the axis! "

Foliaceous young lady goes to work in a foreign enterprise, annual golden week she is not to make an appointment with a friend to have a meal, see a movie, play game in the home namely, 7 days of time pass easygoingly. "The golden week has become the substantial in my life, 11 cannot cancel again! " she told a reporter yesterday, "Actually the golden week is not travel completely. To me character, the golden week is a holiday, in 7 days of long holidays, can do a few businesses that oneself like to do, see a few friends that do not have time to see usually. " small golden week is very bad enjoy off
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