How to get exporter chance
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If be in,the intercrop of exporter machine and simple potential client message chooses, most export business can select exporter engine. Because export business chance to mean potential client to had expressed the requirement that understands his, far the client information that compares a static state is absorbing. Although some clients are buying our product, but the representative that they had been competitors, we special establish a business relation with this client hard.

To exporter machine, often be exporter took the lead in obtaining this information to contact a client actively, the opportunity that wins client and order so wants to be gotten greatly than the exporter of information lag much. Additional, if a certain client released his demand information external, easier development becomes the client that this kind of client also purchases channel than having stability new client. Because to latter, what is the demand that you do not know he is current, the demand that also does not know him is pressing, also cannot acquire advantage position in the negotiation.

Where to have business chance

Want to know where to have business chance, be about to realize the deed that buys the home first, understanding buys the home to release beg buy, the way of cooperative information is what kind of. Making discover after survey and visit to client of a lot of abroad, foreign client can purchase his demand the form releases and solve in order to be as follows normally:

Observation market is superior the product that sell comes from where, make by who. For instance client of some United States discovers product of spin of some kind of China on bazaar is very good sell, so who is the Chinese manufacturer that he may survey this product above all, seek sell on commission the opportunity of this kind of product. But the exporter to China, can obtain business chance from this one channel of the client rarely, because Chinese supplier is OEM manufacturer more, there is MADE IN CHINA only above most commodity, do not have the information of the manufacturer. But if use,have a brand oneself, it is very easy that this manufacturer is met the home that be bought by abroad is found, seeing a product pack is the capable ad that has brand exporter oneself, the manufacturer that is home only should accomplish own brand to still too long way wants. But if consider Internet platform, for instance Ebay, you may discover it is easy that own brand is used to use own brand than be in tradition channel on network platform much, although short-term inside network sale channel still is not mainstream channel, but the development trend of electronic business affairs we everybody cannot underestimate its future 5-10 year influence. Successful entrepreneur must have vision!

The partner that asks oneself helps. If the client knew the product is made in China, but did not discover manufacturer message, so he enquires what he is in China extremely possibly to purchase delegate part above all, it is the foreign trade company that has cooperative concern next, it is the other partner that oneself are in China next, let their help search.
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