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Every enterprise hopes their client devoteds to oneself. Loyal shopper can buy more products, follow all the time a brand, still can help an enterprise make free public praise conduct propaganda even, bring more clients. Loyal shopper can make a lot of contribution for the enterprise, but they also are followed at any time engrave a likelihood to leave, because the choice on the market is too much, and your competitor also is in not hesitate everything wants to contend for these clients. How ought to you safeguard long-term faithfulness of the client to spend then?

Say first at 4 o'clock constant by the fact of sale personnel oversight. Above all, faithfulness is two-way. That is to say " you are good to me, it is good to you that I also am met " on the truth relation in enterprise and client as much applicable. Next, everybody every client is a center with ego. In human association, we can prefer those giving oneself are enough adequacy person. The 3rd, it is easy to protect existing client to want newer than winning customer and expenditure is low. Does the value that preserves existing client have how old? Bilk gram suddenly 徳 according to the father Fred • of faithful sale (the computation of FredReichheld) , withhold what the client of 5% gets 75% clients value possibly to rise (although the company is different, of value rise to also be distinguished somewhat) . at 4 o'clock, the company did not say to calculate customer loyalty, but the enterprise is OK the palm accuses him to be spent to the client's faithfulness.

If that wants to defend a client the faithfulness to you, are you faithful to the client? If the answer is not very clear, ask you to look downward then.

Faithful at the client be many sided, arrive from the quality that makes sure the product serves the demand that knows cogent customer, consider the consistency of object check to what ensure all clients contact a dot, can reflect an enterprise to be spent to the client's faithfulness.

Had done basic work. "You are good to me, it is good to you that I also am met " the truth is to build the foundation in product kimono Wu to go up. The promise of the brand wants and the real product of the enterprise and service keep consistent. Consumer is very actual, when having difference to the acknowledge of the product and real product when them, consumer produces the feeling that is cheated very likely. The credence of the enterprise is affected, and original in one's hand the client is in very likely also after trading for the first time, lost.

1 pair of 1 faithful. This is one is done work more inaccessibly than saying to want. Faithful the energy that should achieve 4 respects namely at every client is accurate: Information, award, channel and time. Only 4 respects are accomplished appropriate reach the designated position, the client just can feel the enterprise takes them seriously very much really. 1 true pair 1 can not point to when to communicating, can make go up only the client's name, the key depends on (this also is the place that reflects industry competition dominant position) how can give them to offer useful product information and the petty favours that stimulate them to consume when the client considers to buy. How prescient what do they need to buy? This is about to pass collect, analysis, dog the sale tool that the client's data uses advanced, automation will make a series of individuation is regular, make communicate generate below regular drive automatically. Anyhow, the enterprise understands the client deeper, can let a client feel the enterprise is more faithful to them, because the enterprise knows to say what word, do what thing. And thorough knowledge client needs historical data not just, the enterprise still needs to dog, discover and foretell the action that every client future may produce change on different spending cycle and lifestyle and experience.
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