The dance of the network of sale of quick pass the time in a leisurely way
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Old before, IT already lifted the tide that manages informatization in many industries, and nowadays, the sale that Internet begins each pair of trades was initiated formally change assault, fast consumable regards a kind of service life as rate of shorter, consumption frequency of faster, consumption second high things, change in this in, became " head enjoy its to become " person.

Go all the way in halo

Fast consumable (FMCGorPMCG) include things of sanitation of food, individual, nicotian, wine kind wait with beverage, in numerous line of the products, sell quickly article in sale respect have challenge sex quite, changeful, agile, innovation is frequent, it may be said enrols alternate Proteanly, newly to go out, go in the forward position of market sale all the time. Enter sale peak period especially, wonderful confused presents numerous innovation sale strategy, method and case, go up in transmission access, sell in terminal in field, in campus, can see movie of sale evil spirit. Can say, the abiding development power of brand of a fast consumable is it is fulcrum and dynamic with ceaseless innovation.

Carry ten years of rapid development, fast in go all the way in halo, look from industry and market level, had formed such 3 big characteristics:

A. Competition is intense rate increases

Fast consumable industry is competition is at present intense opposite profit margin is the most rich and generous in the market, sell dimensions an industry with rapidder rate of the biggest, development. Because fast consumable market is huge, consumptive group is extensive, fast consumable industry enters camp general and inferior, the amount of the competitor inside the industry is more, mutual between competition is intense. This industry and broad consumer most be closely bound up, client group range is the; that other industry is likened to hard and the diversity that the client needs, the diversity that creates a product, cycle is short, custom-built change wait for a characteristic, also caused fast consumable enterprise to roll out the speed that tastes newly to be gotten quickly breathtaking, new idea, new taste, let a person look dazzling. Fast consumable industry enters a doorsill cost fare is low, low, and capital reclaims faster, because if cross the crucian carp of the river,this created the product on this market, manufacturer amount is numerous, and the market share with part occupational and fair, because this market competition is unusual intense.

B. The market is huge, growth is rapid

Be in China, fast consumable market is put in the development potential with tremendous move. The Nielsen of AC of market research firm with banner whole world (ACNielsen) releases 2005 " market of scan widely China " the report shows: 2004, whole of market of Chinese fast consumable grew 7% , there are 20 to show in 30 main category growing, among them the increase rate of 10 category reachs two digit. Industry of this kind of product enters a doorsill low, cost fare is low, and capital reclaims faster, because the product on this market has been like the crucian carp of the river, coessential change rate tall, competition is intense, and it is occupational and certain to part market share.
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