Network public relations: Easily " clutch " live the netizen is guttural
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"I am OK easily clutch lives the netizen's throat, let them give out the voice that I want. " old H frontier says, a plan plan adopts mail, QQ by the side of group hundreds netizen that sent a network to go up. Old H is company of domestic network public relations is old. According to statistic, company of such network public relations already exceeded domestic resembling old H 2000.

If say Internet is an all corners of the country, it is all corners of the country can have rumour recrudesce, a foul wind and a rain of blood. Nowadays, the be current of network public relations, make all corners of the country begins to become again calm no longer.

What is network public relations?

What recipe can make a new product rapid expand famous degree? What recipe can let instant of a brand make the central point of network discussion again? Be what recipe let the contribution of same amount harvest two kinds of different outcome however?

The answer is: Network public relations. What is meant by network public relations? Common view is, it is to point to enterprise, organization, individual, it is transmission carrier with Internet, in order to add a network famous a series of degree of transmission activities to transmit a purpose.

Old H opened an ad firm in Beijing a year ago, be engaged in network public relations technically. Company scale is not large, add old H just 4 people, but " get offline " have on 1000 people however, these getting offline the channel of almost all Internet that distributings to wait inside in website of guest of each forum, rich, video, portal.

The work that these getting offline is very simple, some brand or product are aimed at in what there is an organization below the direct of old H each are big forum is sent ceaselessly post, pat post, a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender, fart of buccal Shui Hengfei, horse is ceaseless. Its purpose has only, production public opinion is vortical, for this incident add fuel to the fire, draw the people attention to some brand. "Company of bigger than me network public relations is in Beijing to have about a hundred at least at present. "

"Very powerful very violent " network public relations

Late on May 18, 2008, on the evening party of raise donations of relieve the people in disaster that holding by many ministries and commissions and CCTV combination, wang Laoji contribution makes the central point that people pays close attention to 100 million yuan.

Subsequently, in each on big forum, ceaseless popularity wears such the name is " ban Wang Laoji " card: "Wang Laoji, you are enough firm! Contribute 100 million! For punish the enterprise of this aggressive, buy the Wang Laoji of smooth supermarket! On one canister buys one tin! Do not buy do not carry this card on the head! " inside 3 hours, baidu is stuck exceed 140 thousand about hair post of Wang Laoji. See not hard from Baidu trend, "Wang Laoji " search quantity rises sharply after May 18.
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