Mobile, Gas Group SMS can push the new service compile to pay gas costs
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Edit "RQJF" sent to 10,658,666, a key gas costs to complete home pay. Beijing Mobile, Beijing Gas Group, United, today launched mobile phone services to pay gas costs. The service for the city's 200 million users of non-intelligent gas meter. No need to wait for bill payment door, through a simple mobile phone text messages, you can complete the monthly gas cost of inquiries, payment and other operations, while also regularly remind the gas bill. Payment of all messages sent during all under 0.1 yuan / tariff charged. In addition, the 20th of each month, gas bills will be delivered automatically to text messages, reply within 24 hours to complete the payment. Zhao Yingying J201 Payment process First through the operating room, or edit messages Log "KT" is sent to 10,658,888, the opening of mobile payment services. Edit SMS recharge "RQZC + space + gas meter number" can be sent to the 10,658,666 open "mobile phone to pay gas money" business. Edit "RQCX" sent to 10,658,666, about the required payment amount. Edit "RQJF" sent to 10,658,666, subject to successful completion of