Tianjin Waterworks Group to ensure that water supply services in winter: call
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Winter to ensure the public water supply, water quality for the winter, prone to low temperature, low turbidity, and the actual situation of water shortage, Tianjin Water Group from water scheduling, water quality, water pressure, water supply, repair, customer service, and many take a number of measures, water hotline 23149999 full 24-hour Guard and Protection staff, to ensure 24-hour messaging platform 15802255783 receiving information, timely delivery of fault repair information and water demand information to ensure security of water supply in winter. Water Group, and equipment to adjust the network operation mode, scientific control water pressure, and make contingency plans. Up to now, freezing cold water supply facilities work measures have been put in place. Water supply services for the good in winter, water group's insistence on sticking fast to the scene, fast processing, fast repair, quick recovery water leakage repair service system, adhere to the repair staff 24 hours Guard and Protection. For transfer of the business changed its name to stop accepting the implementation of the introduction of zero-day service, user fees zero distance, zero barriers to public work, safe water supply services such as zero-accident new measures in place to ensure that water supply services in winter.