Very embarrassing for the wrong bus bus Group Bus SMS query to be launched
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Appeal for members of the public, whether the platform is installed at the bus stop query system touch screen. Chengdu bus company responded by taking power, the failure rate, cost constraints, Chengdu query system installed in the platform unrealistic, but public transportation group are planning to build a domestic advanced search system. Yesterday, the reporter tried the first time this system will put into use, through the Internet and mobile phones to send text messages, not only about the required transfer of the line, even from the nearest bus stop where the bus can see where Very clear. They all have bus transfer embarrassed Yesterday, many people reached the newspaper hotline for inquiries Weapon bus transfer, it is also about the transfer bus in the embarrassing thing. Cheng Once readers take the 28 bus, get off at the First Ring Road North four paragraphs, how come they can not find the site at the intersection. "I have four directions to find it again, and finally sat down in the saddle before North site Car. " Chen-chen photography enthusiasts first came to live in new south gate of Chengdu, go to the camera with digital equipment Plaza, "really entangled, even to transfer." He said that on the 6 train, the driver told him, get off at the Mozi Qiao walked about 300 meters, take the 27 bus. At first, 300 meters is not that far away, there may be a crossroads eyes, he fainted. Straight forward but still uneasy, go see the site for nearly half an hour, the results did not seen the shadow of 27 road cars. Asked the people waiting to know the platform, he should go to the crossroads on the right bus. Readers recommend Recommend touch screen and brochures Mr. Lee referred to the reader in the bus station platform construction Screen Query system suggested that most readers think that if the conditions are ripe, the relevant departments for consideration. Lee said that if the platform can have a timely inquiry system for people on the bus must be the most convenient. Metro stations have query system, which need to transfer a line of a check to clear. However, he also admitted that some of the bus lines is difficult, after all, have a centralized point of subway lines, and bus lines scattered. Ms Chan believes that inquiry system bus station was built, but also to train and planes lines are incorporated. Some readers have made other recommendations. Yang suggested the public, making public transport route bus company manuals, the best and taxi companies, railway departments work together, but also indicate the fast train, subway operation route. Who travel to Canada Lee had said she had seen in Canada bus station placed a small booklet on the shelf, like the mall on the shelves, like leaflets, above a bus transfer routes and bus routes, Passengers can pick them up, the cost is not high, it is recommended Chengdu also consider taking this approach. Query response message bus network will be enabled Recommendations for the public, Chengdu bus company official says, Touching Screen Query System built on the platform is not realistic. First of all, Chengdu bus station take the street lights are power, power to the evening before. Building query system, to take power is a problem, if the batteries during the day, the cost is too high. Second, the failure rate is high. Bus company has been to visit the cities of Jinan, "The reason why these cities are not able to promote, failure rate is a big reason." In addition, security is an issue, how to prevent theft? The most important thing is, if the installation too much, not only prohibitively high cost, and once all the machines are in use, the system can not carry. If you install only a few, but also fail to effect service. Encountered in the car that people are not familiar with how to solve the line problem? The official said the bus company is to build a domestic advanced query system bus. The system has been built based on the bus intelligent dispatching system, there are two notable features: In addition to transfer inquiries, but also check the vehicle running track. To grasp this information, the public Internet or just out in front of the platform at the station can send text messages. Enter the start and end point trial check easily transfer Yesterday morning, a reporter is perfect in the trial of the system. Open a Web page, you can see line query and query two functional vehicle location bar. Point into the line query, the system alerts you to enter start and end. Press enter into Shuangnan Road to South Railway Station, 10 selection page appears, the first option is not interchange: Walk 452 meters southwest from the Wuhou Dadao mouth, take the road directly to the 111, if that 452 meters walk too far, the system also gives 9 to transfer to another program, such as walking 198 meters to the northwest, take the road ... ... 99 "Through this system, also check the bus running track." Reporter points into the vehicle location information, the system required to take prompt line, press enter a road. Go to page 1, the road route map, click on the beam Wenjiaxiang station, the following 3 rows from the site appears the latest bus information, which has come to Gao Suntang two stations, as well as an in Simaqiao station. The responsible person said, in addition to online searching for members of the public can also send text messages, the system will check the information on the web page by text message to inform the passengers, but this requires payment, SMS numbers and rates are still present study . In order to avoid some people do not demand to check bus location, cause the system to load, so the vehicle location query is not free. According to reports, this bus line system has entered the final consummation, will soon launch.