Army regulations regulate the use of a mobile phone according to an open call
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Oct. 9 Xinhua special correspondent Li Ding Award, Ouyang Hao reports: "The Mission Directorate for approval, be allowed to use cell phones. I will strictly implement the following safety regulations ... ..." Recently, the Nanjing Military Region Electronic Warfare Group II again and again to the long-Huang Zonghua military affairs unit, carefully read the "cell phone use and safety management confidentiality agreement" solemnly signed. He happily told the author, from a cell phone without the need to dodge. "In the past, Army cadres at and above the provisions have only a mobile phone group permissions, but in fact secretly a large number of officers and men of the phone. The information age, mobile phones have become an irreplaceable personal information terminals, blindly prohibit the use of impossible, impossible . "Army Director of Military Affairs Xuanxiang Dong told the author, the revised rules of the House, on the military use of mobile phones has made human limits, and to" ten ban "military specification requirements of the phone the time, place and precautions . According to this change, the Army solicit the views of officers and men to develop the introduction of the "cell phone use and privacy security management agreement." Agreement, all men as long as the corporation by the individual application and after approval of the above heads, you can use the phone, but need to fill in the "Mobile Register review," and wrote "mobile phone use guarantee." Army to require all phone cards to real-name registration, and and operators, on the officers and men only open calls, SMS and other basic functions. In addition, they also focus on strengthening information security officers and men of the mobile phone Changshi education so that officers and men to master the principles of mobile communications and potential harm of disclosure, so that men understand why to limit the use, what content can not say, what occasion can not use other reason, consciously put the discipline requirements in mind. "Mobile phone, though a small number of features, but using them confidently." Captain Huang Zonghua stage is in love, he told reporters, before and often want to hide his girlfriend to contact with the mobile phone, mobile phone upright for easy contact. I see that his phone has been removed Internet access.