Then repeated harassment prosecution China Mobile SMS users
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Que Xiansheng often receives phone harassment of a number of text messages sent, for a new phone number a few days and received harassing text messages and phone, he told China Mobile Group Beijing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Mobile) to stop the number and their own cell phone text messages and phone numbers of business but was refused, they put a huff Quexian Sheng China Mobile to court. Recently, the East Court has accepted the case.

Que Xiansheng alleged that its September 7, 2009 began to receive a phone number beginning with 151 (hereinafter referred to as the 151 number) to send harassing messages, leading to a normal life with his wife was upset, deterioration of relations between husband and wife, so Que China Mobile 10086 found Mr. focal 151 number to stop the text messages with their mobile phone number and the telephone business, but the center said it has no right deal, the proposed Que Xiansheng change mobile phone number. Mr. Yu Shique opening of a new cell phone number and a message to the mobile secretary, refused to disclose this phone number 151 number of the owner, however, September 18 at noon, Quexian Sheng received a 151 number or sent text messages and harassment call from harassing phone calls. Quexian Sheng that China Mobile should be screened for bad information, refused to personal attacks, information to the owner; Second, China Mobile shall keep the customer information service according to customer demand, the defendant company to its new cell phone number to tell others, live in peace once again lead to harassment, a serious violation of their privacy, so taken to court, demand that the Defendant companies to stop 151 numbers and telephone text messages to their own business, an apology to the plaintiff, and the economic and moral damage compensation of 7,000 yuan.