One net of Chinese mobile " double standard " : The?G that do not have ё need n
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The shift in a few days ago already interiorly holds TD(namely on homebred 3G) conference, enterprise of TD mobile phone cooperates his related the requirement " 3 not principle " , did not come namely G net user transfers TD network " do not change name, do not exchange card, do not register " principle.

Do not change name namely after GSM user joins 3G network, can retain original number; Do not exchange card namely the user can block SIM of its G net, the U-SIM card card that inserts TD network directly is used in groove; Do not register namely the user does not need to be dealt with to postal service hall, can undertake discriminating on the net directly.

The shift in occupying plans, will be in Tianjin, Xiamen and Shenzhen above all 3 cities undertake pilot, the pilot pusher that finish is wide 10 when go to first debutting pilot cities, expand in next year 2 period 38 cities of countrywide that build a network.

This one mode, actually by in shift is called " one net double standard " , namely the user does not need divisional GSM network and TD network, no matter be why to be planted date paragraph those who use all is a piece of net, won't perceive the distinction that gives GSM and TD network.