Guangdong IPTV business will sail drive program source exists bottleneck (1)
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At any time the recreational program that him order programme likes most, answer water and electricity seeing a heart to inspect a program to return wonderful, share the TV content that you buy with the friend, can you reserve airline ticket hotel through TV... can? Be no problem of course, want you to use IPTV of interactive media business to be able to come true only. It is these not just, include news, publish, information of TV, game, life all can come true from this those who never leave home is interactive. A few days ago, reporter from attend the alliance of interactive media industry of exhibition of communication of China International information knew above news 2008.

Another makes a person the message of hearten is, project of Jiangsu telecommunication IPTV puts date user to was broken through recently 200 thousand. To this, chief discloses related room of brand of department of Guangdong telegraphic market, business of Guangdong telegraphic IPTV is about to have " greater progress " . Article, graph / reporter Li Guangyan

Alliance of interactive media industry promotes IPTV development

"This is a brand-new industry, those who reveal an user is interactive. " deputy secretary-general of alliance of interactive media industry poplar Introduction 崑 , interactive media industry is a foundation with content, include news, publish, information of kinescope of TV, game, monitoring, business affairs, life information, additional, still trade news waits like medical treatment and educational information, it is the content origin that interactive media serves.

Communication is exhibited on, one exhibits a stage newly to show its distinctive glamour, that is alliance of interactive media industry member unit collective appears. This organization that held water in December 2007 or first time make public look good as result of recieving praise. The reporter understands, allied member unit if UniCom of Chinese telecommunication, China (carry on former China net opens membership) , China for, the manufacturer such as Si Dakang of resurgence, UT also showed respective IPTV business and product. Exhibit the product that exhibits on the stage and service to look from alliance of interactive media industry, besides each IPTV service that has shown for many times in recent years, still appeared the new business of a few fetching attention such as high-definition IPTV and interactive advertisement, communicated the new progress of IPTV to industry.

According to poplar 崑 expresses, the ginseng of alliance of interactive media industry is exhibited not only adumbrative the new trend of 3 nets confluence, and also be whole communication industry the industrial transition of pressing care finds a solution.
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