Wireless city adopts Xiamen certainly open market runs mode
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On October 29 message, reporter from Xiamen wireless city built relevant section to understand a few days ago, serve as what the whole nation is based on TD network first times " wireless city " , xiamen municipal government has used open market to run mode certainly. The government does not invest not allowance, offer proper favourable policy, offer the convenience that builds a station, for industry application pull wires builds the bridge. With Xiamen at present mobile TD network gives priority to construction, the operation business such as telecommunication also is participated in, enjoy same favourable policy.

"Although the government does not invest, but as will joint as operation business efforts. Governmental dominant and supervise, building of open government is used at station location, dimension of carry of responsible network construction optimizes operation business upgrade. " relevant personage discloses to the reporter, the government emphasizes wanting to follow the principle of careful, deal with concrete matters relating to work, use the network resource such as 3G of existing operation business, do not be " wireless city " build a network alone.

The reporter learns from Xiamen shift, at present Xiamen entire network already upgraded to TD-HSDPA, transmission rate and character of network service quality rise considerably. Up to now, already built TD radical to stand 1000 many, whole town enclothes an area to achieve 80% , the user is counted 11000 the left and right sides, online user 2000 the left and right sides. "At present average user can use TD network to go up freely governmental website, be in those who explore TD network to wait for industry application in campus port area, still do not have gain. "

Although Xiamen government advocate push TD " wireless city " , but business of not repellent and other operation and other technology. The reporter understands from Xiamen telecommunication, xiamen telecommunication had built heat of 200 many Wi-Fi, free to public user, beginning actively wait for collaboration with information content and applied service provider, collection is certain charge, also did not realize gain at present. Relevant personnel still discloses to the reporter, xiamen telecommunication was in at present this year in October with Xiamen UniCom conduction CDMA network turns over formalities, will consider a variety of enter receiving shirt-sleeve.

On August 22, 2008, the 41st times standing conference discusses Xiamen municipal government formally and passed collaboration of limited company of Fujian of Xiamen city and Chinese mobile group to use TD-SCDMA technology to build " wireless city " resolution; On August 28, government of Xiamen city people and limited company of Fujian of Chinese mobile group sign Xiamen " wireless city " cooperative memorandum; Formal on September 8 enlightened Xiamen " wireless city " .
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