Lou Qinjian: Our country is fiber-optic receive dimensions hopeful to exceed 40
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Industry and Lou Qinjian of informatization ministry undersecretary expressed a few days ago, regard fiber-optic communication as main component of the technology, fiber-optic receive a technology to develop flourishingly in recent years. In fiber-optic receive industrial catenary below the joint efforts of each link, did not come 5 years, our country is fiber-optic receive construction dimensions to exceed hopeful 40 million line, become a dimensions to overtake 100 million yuan thousands of burgeoning industry.

Lou Qinjian points out, fiber-optic receive a technology to have bandwidth tall, transmission distance is long, managing it is cupreous material, good to avoid radiation, security, cost is low characteristic. "Light is retreated into copper " the trend is inevitable already. Development is fiber-optic receive a technology to be able to be accelerated popularize broadband network, promote a countryman economy and informatization standard, improve people life and working quality, still can promote 3 nets confluence at the same time. Current, professional work of our country broadband is increasingly substantial, fiber-optic accept market demand preliminary form, the technology is mature with each passing day, cost drops ceaselessly, dimensions promotion is fiber-optic receive a technology already complete and feasible.

He expresses at the same time, in recent years, the developed country that is a delegate with Korea, Japan is fiber-optic receive technology and industrial development very rapid, already formulate relevant plan will drive fiber-optic the evolution that accepts. Compare to it, our country is fiber-optic receive a technology to start later, user scale is not large, in technical business innovation, core the respect such as innovation of technology of patent control, core is existing not little difference, the respect such as flowing gradual progress also puts the network in the obstacle, place of courtyard of need enterprise, scientific research, government is in charge of sectional joint efforts to try to drive. Industrial alliance will take up a political career ceaselessly henceforth level of plan, technology, market, fiber-optic to driving receive industrial development to have thorough research, offer corresponding policy proposal.

According to reporter understanding, be in fiber-optic in receiving a network, mean a family to be able to have 100Mbps even the bandwidth of 1000Mbps, that is to say, the user downloads upper limit of theory of a high-definition film to need time the most quickly a few seconds only. At present and other places of Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shanghai all has pilot.