Group of 11 people management decides new UniCom business division of labor is c
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[dispatch of Sai Di net] on October 29 message, the reporter learns from Chinese UniCom, be appreciative of new UniCom nucleus guides 11 people define the group basically, outside eliminate president Chang Xiaobing, it is Liu Yimin, Zun Xun respectively unripe, Pei Aihua, Tong Jilu, Li Jianguo, Zhao Jidong, Li Fushen, Li Gang, Zhang Jun is installed, Jiang Zhengxin. Chang Xiaobing continues to hold the position of new UniCom president, tong Jilu, Li Gang, Zhang Jun installs new UniCom of 3 vice-president remain in office to manage a layer.

According to divulging, the place that runs a layer and its business division of labor are clear, no matter be UniCom old stuff, still connect from the net close to come in, the domain that is good at according to its did division of labor. Tong Jilu holds presiding and financial officer concurrently for vice-president of former China UniCom, li Gang of; of job of finance affairs of joint-stock company of long-term responsible UniCom is vice-president of former China UniCom, market of main and specific be assigned personal responsibility for and business of UniCom G network, ever held the position of UniCom China to fill new nation of limited company president and UniCom to believe Zhang Jun of; of communication company president how to be vice-president of former China UniCom, pei Aihua of; of the member that Li Fushen of; of director network construction connects group company leading Party group to become for former China net, total accountant is former China net to tell group company vice president, program of main and responsible network and construction; Zhao Jidong tell secretary of general manager of branch of group company vise general manager, Beijing, Party committee for former China net, main and responsible net connects group sale and market sale, net of Ceng Ren China tells general director of Olympic Games communication during the Olympic Games Jiang Zhengxin of; of department commander in chief tells group company vise general manager for former China net, director China net knows innovation business and call center business.

Chinese UniCom announced in-house orgnaization and controller to appoint at 28 days, chinese UniCom interior sets 28 branches in all, additional, the production that still established 18 directly under supports an unit. Chang Xiaobing expresses when the main controller that speaks of departmental door, personnel appoints paid attention to former China net to connect with cadre of former China UniCom overall and balanced.

The personage inside course of study is analysed, after incorporating, the employee state of mind that primary net opens is very complex. How had coordinated the relation between two companies staff, how shirt-sleeve the company culture of two enterprises, not be an important matter it seems that it seems that, also not allow to ignore however. And the scale that UniCom of this second division of labor and net connect is 7:4, solved this problem well.
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