9 rise into business of operation of manufacture in a rough way of mobile phone
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China now the mobile phone game of 90% is manufacture in a rough way. " yesterday, beneficial of Beijing software association wisdom with secretary-general of recreational software branch Zhao Jin is cheated in the 3rd whole nation prize-giving ceremonially of application software of outstanding mobile phone is opposite the reporter emphasizes.

Zhao Jin is unconscious divulge, the industry of mobile phone game that business of two big mobile operation already began to give new punish disorder. Telegraphic operation business already served each big SP(shift sadly appreciation business) the amount of mobile phone game that the enterprise uploads operation cuts down 50 from 300, chop at a draught went the index of 5/6.

Zhao Jin is unconscious think, mobile operation business already realized, the mobile phone game of be there just to make up the number already began to endanger this market. "Annual may game of 10 thousand mobile phones be in level above? " Zhao Jin cheats rhetorical question reporter.

User of machine of the national champion in guarding estimation at present has 593 million, and the player that plays game on the mobile phone does not exceed 50 million, be less than 1/10 of number of mobile phone user. The game player of 58% changes this and platform of blame shift network rate have great difference. And market of game of whole mobile phone is only 100 million yuan, that is to say player of game of every mobile phone consumes 2 yuan every year merely. This anticipates with what analyse a personage difference is great.

Zhao Jin cheats an analysis, the quality that hampers the obstacle with mobile phone main game is a product at present is general and coarse, the consumptive power of serious contusion consumer. Operation business is adopted cut down considerably measure of index of the line on game, in will causing a share, business of development of game of small mobile phone closes down or turn row. Zhao Jin is unconscious divulge, already game develops business to begin occurrence capital problem, but he emphasizes, the period that high-quality goods of this action of telegraphic operation trade is adumbrative game of Chinese mobile phone spends comes at this point.