Newest net is measured show domestic broadband is faster than mobile broadband d
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[dispatch of Sai Di net] on October 29 message, the newest research that broadband network measures fast website Broadband-Expert makes clear as a result, mobile broadband and the rate difference that secure a broadband are expanding ceaselessly. Current, the average rate that fixed broadband serves should compare career of mobile broadband business fast double, growth range is distinct.

According to foreign media coverage, the average rate that fixed broadband discovers in the research of Broadband Expert achieved 3.61Mbs to compare the average rate of 2.95Mbs is even rapid Feburary this year 0.66Mbs, and the average network with mobile current broadband fast for 1.57Mbs, 0.1Mbs rose when was being investigated April than this year only. In the meantime, fast test had fixed broadband net three hundred and eight thousand five hundred and eighty-four times, and mobile broadband test was achieved 5345 times.

Operation business expresses, although they are driving a broadband to catch up with quickly ceaselessly,online video, music downloads the growth rate with online game, the user joins to faster broadband the demand of the service will still continue to grow.

It is reported, mobile broadband 3G covers an area the speed of 7.2Mbs of the most high-energy enough implementation. But be in the area that covers without 3G network, the service can rely on the mobile broadband that operation business place offers to get much 2G network slow only, because this moves in this respect the actual join speed of the broadband the expectation with respect to short of user.

At present each mobile operation business plans to enlarge 3G network to cover range in succession, the average rate of mobile broadband will get very big rise. But because domestic broadband serves business to also upgrade in the network,the respect was thrown heavy endowment, the net of two kinds of broadbands fast difference will still continue inevitably to expand.

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