Microsoft Chenjing is new: The smartphone is not to will disappear after 5 years
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Suffer Internet is changed and " the cloud is calculated " influence, the intelligence of mobile phone terminal changes revolution to pull open heavy curtain already.

A few days ago, chen Jingxin of chief inspector of area of big China of ministry of Microsoft mobile career is being accepted " daily of the first finance and economics " when interviewing, express, although the competition of platform of mobile phone operation such as the Android of Windows Mobile and Symbian, IPhone, Google is intense, but everybody's at present collective enemy dispute smartphone.

Chen Jingxin is fatidical even, after 5 years, the noun of the smartphone will not answer exist, because all mobile phones had been a smartphone, be not a smartphone to will disappear finally. "Get online when the mobile phone wait for a function more and more when the mainstream application that makes a mobile telephone, the space that is not a smartphone actually smaller and smaller already. "

And the dominant position that compares other operating system to Microsoft photograph, chen Jingxin expresses, you can say Symbian is used extensive, but its function is not quite rich and powerful; And IPhone and Android although the function is very rich, but they are used not extensive. "The advantage of Microsoft smartphone is, we not only application is wide, and the function is rich and powerful. " Chen Jingxin says.

Smartphone tycoons already began to intensify encircling the ground. As we have learned, microsoft sold in the whole world last year gave 18 million smartphones, the sales volume of Microsoft will turn over one times this year, achieve 36 million. And in prospective 5~10 inside year, microsoft plan is annual work off 1 billion smartphones. And plan of Gu Ge criterion can hold the market share of 10% to 2011.

When Li Kaifu of CEO of area of cereal song big China is accepting our newspaper reporter to interview before this, express, future, the effect of smartphone terminal will be mainer and mainer, and free Android can help an user transfer with lower price smartphone, use better Internet service.