Storm of banking of telegraphic job straight cover: Stimulating consumption agai
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Global banking crisis is causing earthquake of industry of a lot of domain, chinese telegraphic course of study is pounded likewise. On October 15, be in " new UniCom " hold water that day, business of 3 big telegraphic operation -- the palm door person of UniCom of Chinese telecommunication, China and Chinese shift, appear on CCTV economy channel jointly " strike wall street storm continuously " column. 3 controller express consistently, will adopt positive step to answer this crisis, pull through stimulation move telegraphic consumption, implementation economy grows a target.

Crisis of banking of operation business straight area

With the 110 billion China telecommunication that buys business of UniCom CDMA network, announced to plan to be in again recently future invests 80 billion yuan of capital to upgrade inside 3 years, transform and optimize CDMA network, the financing that the credit crisis that causes considering financial storm may build to the network produces an effect, the company had adjusted financing means to be carried out smoothly in order to make sure construction plans.

Chinese telegraphic president holds presiding apparitor Wang Xiaochu concurrently to express: "The occurrence of financial storm, we need to be adjusted in time and optimize financing plan. E.g. , the capital stock financing that we plan formerly will put delay temporarily, and use debt financing, make the risk of the company less. "

On October 8, decision of Chinese people bank reduces deposit since October 15 kind reserve of deposit of financial orgnaization RMB leads 0.5 percent; Reduce a year since October 9 period the RMB puts loan standard interest rate each 0.27 percent.

On September 16, the Central Bank has reduced a RMB to borrow money standard interest rate, reserve of deposit of RMB of orgnaization of be in harmony of the Xiaojin in be being reduced leads a percent.

Of policy of money of two inferior goods publish time, apart still is less than a month. The expert thinks our country may have been entered lower interest periodic, this imply will be compared to the interest that leasehold place should pay the bank low before.

Meanwhile, because suffer the effect of global banking crisis, the share price that Chinese telecommunication is in Hong Kong already 6.15 yuan from the beginning of the year, drop 2.61 yuan of October 17, drop extent exceeds 57.6% , value is underestimated badly.

Below this kind of circumstance, chinese telecommunication is not willing capital stock is attenuant, the tendency is used to bank loan this is planted more advantageous financing means, and what good credit reputation also can assure debt financing is successful carry out.
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