Chinese telecommunication quickens transition " C W " into killer mace
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After network of CDMA of Chinese telegraphic administer, begin to transform to business of whole business operation from part of business of firm network operation quickly. This company showed a few days ago, next year the CDMA mobile phone that Chinese telecommunication will roll out supportive Wi-Fi first quarter, roll out corresponding mobile Internet business for the user at the same time, make brand-new " Internet mobile phone " concept.

The reporter learns, chinese telecommunication will offer firm network and mobile client's shirt-sleeve product, already completed the experiment of these products, test at present.

The reporter learns from Chinese telegraphic interior, chinese telecommunication plans the end of the year finishs construction of net of 342 cities C and deploy of 82 wireless cities this year. It is reported, chinese telecommunication plan realizes join of 31 provinces of countrywide by Feburary next year, the end of the year of network riding quality can have preliminary improve, china is telegraphic will from firm network operation business of operation of Shang Xiangquan business transforms.

Calm of personage of Chinese telegraphic interior bear, suffer telecommunication to recombine an influence, quality of C network network dropped inside close half an year 60% to 70% . Nevertheless, chinese telecommunication will undertake to C net special network is optimized, the network of 44 keys city is optimized had begun, predicting the end of the year will improve stage by stage. In addition, chinese telecommunication has begun CDMA strategy program, include C network whole world to roam among them program of program, CDMA WiFi business.

According to Chinese telecommunication Yi Hu of Han of international department inspector general introduces, the C network whole world of Chinese telecommunication roams to be mixed through C net between G net without seam changeover implementation. Current, CDMA terminal had solved core technology difficult problem, make CDMA user wants to pass number of net of a C to be able to get the service of two number only. Chinese telecommunication will reach G net to roam with business of operation of a few abroad agreement, this can make sure user of net of Chinese telegraphic C is below the circumstance that does not have CDMA network the GSM network that uses these operation trade, make user of net of Chinese telegraphic C can enjoy whole business to roam in the whole world service.

The another of Chinese telecommunication " killer mace " the business of level also is being advanced cheek by jowl. According to Chinese telecommunication relevant personage introduces, next year first quarter, the family uses a product " C W " (CDMA WiFi business) affirmative meeting is entered try business to use level, but official business is used still need period of time. As telegraphic as China disclose before this what will roll out terminal of WiFi mobile phone to differ is, this second " C W " the product will involve more field, include TV of PC, palmtop computer, mobile phone, number to wait. As we have learned, china is telegraphic already as wide as Shanghai article waited for an enterprise to undertake popularizing " C W " the negotiation of business.
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