Wo Erma selling G1 mobile phone is cheaper than T-Mobile 30 dollars
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[dispatch of Sai Di net] on October 29 message, wo Erma plans to sell the G1 mobile phone that uses Gu Ge operating system, the sale price that sale price will compare company of T-Mobile United States is cheap 30 dollars.

Wo Erma says, the customer that it will begin to serve a contract to the T-Mobile that signs two years in 550 shops on Wednesday from October 29 sells this kind feels screen mobile phone, sale price is 148.88 dollars. Arrive as more mobile phones, wo Erma will enlarge a sale further.

Company of T-Mobile United States is the United States business of the 4th big wireless operation. Last T-Mobile weeks begin to sell grand the G1 mobile phone of the production that amount to report, sale price is 179 dollars.

Tuesday of Melissa O'Brien of spokesman of fertile Er Ma says, this company should offer them to feel to consumer most content is worth a product somewhat. Spokesman of company of T-Mobile United States did not publish a comment instantly.

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