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In OA all-pervading today, also help the rapid development that used another market while printer is handled official bussiness increasingly at the enterprise by application, that prints market of bad news lumber namely. But the discovery when the reporter is interviewed, be full of on the market at present a large number of fake product, brought many bewilderment to consumer, and printer manufacturer also begins to use all sorts of advanced methods to have a standard to troubled market.

Market of bad news lumber " plum ghost " run amuck

At present good and evil people mixed up of market of bad news lumber, material of the raw material that hold cost, compatible bad news, reclaim all sorts of nouns let capable person of bad news material, fill outfit bad news person too many things to see, make consumer very bemused. Reporter discovery sells greatly each except ZhongGuanCun outside field, crouch in roadside or be a driveway those reclaim over crossover the crowd that useless old ink box, Selenium rouses already made a special view line. These driveways that be called " guerrilla " person, often with tens of yuan the price reclaims beat of old ink box, Selenium, fill joins white of inferior ink, black, stick famous brand label, sell with hundreds yuan former outfit price again piece. Because have sudden huge profits, the gas end them is hit dye-in-the-woodly " high price reclaims " banner.

As we have learned, because of the high additional cost of product of bad news material, be full of on the market so a large number of fake product, shoddy, mix the false with the genuine. These sham products not only the effect that print is poor, and can cause hardware to harm to printer, serious can make printer discards as useless even, spontaneous combustion. Some normal printer agency tells city of sea otter electron the reporter, cent of bad news material is mixed for former outfit general two kinds big, but present market is 3 minutes of the world however, a when come out more, it is fake bad news material. Install formerly on the market at present, of material of sham, current cost 3 person scale is 5 ∶ roughly 3 ∶ 2. Material of bad news of each old brand former outfit is occupied 5 into the left and right sides; Current cost material is occupied near two into; The 3 market share that become above, by fake product place is held.

Bad news material endangers use holiday big

The reporter is in know from personage of know the inside story, these are secondhand face-lifting business reclaims from inside consumer hand after useless old ink box, after undertaking simple face-lifting to ink box, immediately according to the price throw on the market under quality goods, whole face-lifting includes to change pack, swab ink box, add Chinese ink, make number... the process needs 10 minutes only!

The technical personnel of Founder science and technology tells a reporter, the raw material that hold cost is to show by printer manufacturing business place produces manufacturing bad news capable person, because such, some is planted the specialty of the some model that assembles bad news material to always be aimed at a manufacturer formerly or series model and quantity body is custom-built, can sufficient mining gives the potential of printer, make between bad news material and printer cooperate apple-pie, achieve the best result that print.
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