Mobile phone Morpheus brings heat to discuss how to realize killer class applica
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Several days ago, a flock of friends meet, mention in the talk go up in the mobile phone besides the basiccest communicate and short message, still can use what business normally. In 8 attendant people, among them 6 custom-built colour bell, 3 custom-built colour believes information, 3 meetings now and then download game with WAP, 2 often use mobile secretary station, a meeting watchs mobile phone TV. If this data can be in,go up somehow the delegate is current the use state of business of the appreciation on the market, can see so, besides colour bell, it seems that already very long had not appeared true " killer class applies " .

What is " killer class applies " , say simply, it is some kind caters to major user demand namely, can gain ground quickly, give industrial catenary the business that each member brings rich and generous profit and application then. Serve newly perhaps through rolling out Promethean new product, once obtain an user to approbate, often can expand to create a new market even. What just confirm with the market via getting admissive is, when the demand development that reachs content and user when the technology only is coordinated highly, this business ability gets rapid promotion quite. This kind is harmonious, it is the demand that as it happens catered to some kind to already happened likely, also be likely, it was caused had not shown what dew comes out, potential user demand. Think back to, just roll out in colour bell when, everybody also did not realize adequately, this will be henceforth a certain number of appreciation leads business in year, form the application of huge market; Even somebody thinks, this kind " oneself custom-built oneself cannot enjoy however " business won't have too great progress. However factual proof, its as it happens catered to the expressive desire with potential user, pass colour bell, the user is in accidentally, the person that can make a telephone call in a minute of introversion is revealed savour with individual character, and even can make commercial popularize content.

As all the time since close attention market and user, the provider of core hardware equipment that digs demand of ground floor application greatly ceaselessly -- east take a skill, the near future rolls out appreciation business new application one after another, among them " mobile phone Morpheus " had caused close attention. The generation setting of mobile phone Morpheus is such: All mobile phone users can encounter such situation, in normally switch on the mobile phone below condition, the likelihood has quite quantitative incoming telegram is not the user wants respondent, in certain and special situation, user inconvenience perhaps is not willing to receive hear major incoming message. In these moment, if the user closes machine, can leak again main incoming message, the one party of call may because of do not understand user situation and produce needless trouble. And mobile phone Morpheus this business, can make mobile phone besides switch on the mobile phone normally and close plane position beyond, increase position of a kind of Morpheus.
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