From read write Shuang Bing LG KF300e great comfortable experience
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The times of information explosion, efficiency is first rhythm, the mobile phone is assuming increasingly important communication to communicate a function, become us to live daily indispensable partner. Nowadays, healthy environmental protection designs the another big central point that makes IT industry, this must mention respecting mid-autumn, during National Day double section appear on the market first sell explode the LG KF300e of full-court. Resolution of 260 thousand kinds of design of type of fold of big screen big keyboard, double screen, QVGA, support 5 stage style adjusts modulatory health " big " comfortable function, let KF300e show itself, let you be in relaxed " read " " write " between those who experience this human nature changes healthy design to bring is carefree enjoy. What must carry is the wide attention that KF300e designs a concept to get numerous customer because of its health not only, more the great affirmation that gets expert of health of medical bound authority.

   Healthy " big " the design brings a visual sense comfortable experience

The life of modern and working habit often bring a lot of healthy hidden trouble, the eye of people often is in inferior health, main reason inspects exhaustion namely. The cause of formation that inspects exhaustion is very much, be like long dedicated with the eye, eye ministry muscle is met overspend; In addition, long dedicated see a thing, see a thing especially arduous moment, eyeball and air contact time are lengthened bring about dry small hole, and do an eye to just is brought about or also accentuate inspect exhaustion. Accordingly, after try out crosses LG KF300e, the Li Xue of Beijing colleague hospital was not a doctor to give out extremely high opinion and affirmation, advocate everybody to want to use the mobile phone that like LG KF300e such human nature change healthy design.

From read write Shuang Bing LG KF300e great comfortable experience
LG KF300e

The laser laser face plate with kiss luxuriant KF300e, what experience craft of cut of this mobile phone namely for an instant is perfect. 1.3 inches of resolution resemble element for 128 X 160 outside screen is low-key conceal in it under, see time date need not open a mobile phone to be able to experience this kind of convenience. The fold that opens KF300e designs face plate, appear in us before is to be able to inspect an area to be 2.2 inches high-key big screen, had this kind to show consideration for " big " design, it is to sending a short message no matter, still read electronic book or be to take a picture the close vision experience that KF300e can experience to bring when find a view. Additional, resolution of 260 thousand kinds of QVGA has profit very much moderately to promoting us visual easy; Add her to still support 5 stage style to adjust, among them if you choose that archives " super- big " font is used will have very " big " the move such as the surprise you, no matter be his,give elder member of family, it is a close great gift!
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