Fictitious change platform solution IBM X3850 to show 68000
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IBM System X3850 M2 serves as a 4 high-powered server, can embark already fictitious the efficiency that changes software to raise brim application, also can promote the processing of the business system that prop up capability as core server. And its are distinctive expand up ability, assured the client investment in IT forever won't because of performance issue by waste. At present among them 7141I02 type has a businessman to quote 68000 yuan, and give server monitoring expert block a piece, guide when server network system constant when pass phone speech for a short while, short message, the means of mail informs the company is led or the net provides personnel, free card is restricted only 7 quota of people, send till.

Product front view

IBM System X3850 M2(7141I02) uses 4U 4 designs, mark matchs two Intel 4 nucleuses come strong MP E7320, use 65nm technology, core frequency 2.13GHz, 2 class of compositive 4MB cache, 1066MHz of front bus line, power comsumption is 80W. Memory mark matchs 4 1GB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM, advocate board compositive 32 memory insert groove, memory can arrive with augment most 256GB.

Memory respect, 7141I02 configured heat of 4 2.5 inches of 146GB to insert unplug hard disk, rotate speed is 10000 turn. Box offers 4 heat to insert in all unplug hard disk bracket, in-house memory capacity is the largest 584GB. Controller of compositive LSI 1078SAS, supportive RAID -0, - 1, optional RAID -5. I/O respect offers 7 to expand insert groove, net of net of aether of compositive Shuang Qianzhao gets stuck, power source is double 1300W.

IBM System X3850 M2 has high-powered, tall usability to mix can manage a gender, one be application of enterprise key business goes up of beautiful anthology, suit fictitious turn the application such as system of platform, large database, medium-sized ERP and equipment calamity system.