User of E71 of mobile phone of can complete clavier experiences Nuojiyazhi perso
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To intelligent phone I have a preference, because I can install a program to move next,be not just all sorts of very the application of dazzle, and the work efficiency that improves me effectively. Everybody perhaps knows to phone of C720 of a Topod has been used before me, just changed Kaiser emperor in August to this year all the time. Actually I think the follow-up product C730W that uses C720, but the machine of this model searchs very hard, still brush a shoulder finally and pass.

Discovered Nuojiya again till me E71.

User of E71 of mobile phone of can complete clavier experiences Nuojiyazhi personally
The Nuojiya that uses operating system of Symbian S60 V3 E71

Tell the truth, the operating system of phone of so much intelligence has been used, besides Symbian. Everybody looks, moto present phone great majority is to use Linux, one part Treo uses the Palm operating system of own home, HTC made the machine of one ticket Windows Mobile plant. The IPhone of Apple is being used alonely luxuriant beautiful Mac OS. What remain then is Symbian, passed that to buy after the case, can saying is Nuojiya alone big ah.

need not, because I do not want to raise overmuch study cost,be. Want to know, intelligent phone itself does not have what good turn from side to side: The machine is bought can call hair short message, contact person and program data synchronism to be able to be done calm. But, want to be used bright, have to install software, the study cost that so I say to use intelligent phone in China is very tall!

Software of Linux software freedom is in the majority, open source code also need not defeat solution. Palm software all along " Xx edition " fly all over the sky, still have the PWCPP that defeats solution technically to use even (the name of very old, see me need not Palm is very old) . The software great majority of Windows Mobile uses the API of Windows oneself and function warehouse, so broken solution rises is not very troublesome. Apple because of IPhone bound calm policy to bring about software of many pilfer edition to be centered inside App Installer, ah. Finally is this Symbian, defeat solution to bother not only (the - that I guess. - ) , and still added so called " autograph demarcate " .

My this individual is very lazy, see so tall difficulty so the thing of coefficient, I abandoned.

But Kaiser is the requirement that cannot satisfy me really: I mean the telephone call with a rapid rate, 30 seconds ability needs to input the first Chinese character after Kaiser pushs clavier to input; I mean the telephone call with a simple operation, kaiser needs to press Chinese ability is inputted to find me to want the telephone number that examine after " contact " ; I want a portable phone, kaiser has two IPhone unluckily so thick - . -
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