Show itself most get gather of mobile phone of youth favour libertinism
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Good looking and talented mobile phone just is the mobile phone that we should look for, the amusement of the mobile phone has reflected now more and more incisively and vividly, plus depreciate agitation will raid, the competition that gives a mobile phone the market it seems that more added a few minutes of pressure. The look that so numerous mobile phone attracts customer with what became the issue that each businessman has a headache.

Comparatively, tall to mobile phone requirement crowd lock is surely on youth and body of business affairs personage, among them the appearance of youth adversary machine and libertinism sex respect are valued more a few. Change frequency is opposite also taller. Of follow a rational line to do some work well, recreational type also became hot product. Besides mobile phone replaces rate very rapid, sexual price also became the factor that attracts eyeball than be being spent with vogue.

In view of this, the editor recommends 5 more popular recreation model to choose for everybody today, going to work in the road that go to school, in using a hand " edge tool " allow way no longer dull, also be a pretty good proposal.

   Nuojiya N81

Show itself most get gather of mobile phone of youth favour libertinism

Click a picture to examine Nuojiya N81 is detailed data

Nuojiya of N-Gage roll out new to one can is for recreational mobile phone revolution, regard N-Gage as the follow-up type of the mobile phone, nuojiya one doughty recreation function adds N81 outstanding exterior got of many players chase after hold in both hands.

Screen respect, n81 used a 2.4 inches TFT LCD screen, resolution achieved 320 × 240 like element, indication effect is outstanding. The buy inside airframe backside 2 million photograph like element like the head, have the digital scorch capacity of 20 times. Besides can support N-Gage game platform in the round beyond, n81 music broadcasts a function also is its window. Appropriative music key and operation of key of musical mode changeover are simple. Its music respect but the music of a variety of formats such as compatible MP3 (VBR) , AAC, EAAC, AAC, WMA/M4A, WAV. And dual track loudhailer puts the effect to comparative outside its shock, the earphone interface with adoption general 3.5mm also attend to arrived slashing to acoustic quality player.

On function, n81 is a smartphone that is based on Symbian platform, it is used advocate the ARM11 processor that frequency is 369MHz, memory is the RAM combination of the ROM of 128MB and 96MB, use operating system of newest Symbian OS 9.2, compatibility is very strong.

Comment on: Nuojiya the mobile phone that N81 is a recreation and union of business affairs photograph, music, take a picture the function that waits for nowadays popularity can use all to have a good command of will describe, and use more powerful processor, assure to slack phenomenon won't appear in moving process. At present this machine is less than 3000 yuan price also is to be worth to move quite really, favorite friend can go!
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