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Be apart from 11 long holidays already a week, overall look, although this week of whole looks opposite at the sales volume of the mobile phone drops somewhat for the golden week, but the more than heat that fortunately the market still is lending long holiday is having very pretty good atmosphere. Because this week depreciates more, because this is very much former the mobile phone with average sales volume small showing brilliance. Having the mobile phone with good before sales volume more is to show scene more, showed sales volume king adequately cannot oscillatory position.

   Nuojiya N78

More than heat did not use up near future tall person to enrage mobile phone of sell like hot cakes to look in turn

Click a picture to examine Nuojiya N78 is detailed data

This Nuojiya N78 is Nuojiya a when N series rolls out preterhuman energy of life is economic gigantic make, the king that also is elder market opportunity Nuojiya the official successor of N73, this machine continued to hold to Nuojiya faultlessly the outstanding and ideal design of N73, made better adjustment in performance side. The market opportunity that became new generation allows to represent.

Exterior respect, this Nuojiya N78 continues to use Nuojiya N department is common straight board design, and inside buy a 2.4 inches QVGA resolution screen and an Er of 3.2 million card resembling element. Cai Si is photographed like the head, show and take a picture the promotion that effect photograph compares N73 is not quite apparent, nevertheless N78 joined a practical FM emitter function, to having a car comparative for gens practical. In addition, although N78 is done not have inside module of buy GPS navigation, but this machine that backs AGPS function is in photograph the support that resembles a head to fall to also can realize similar navigation function, n78 deploys Nuojiya a liquid crystal of 2.4 inches of TFT displays screen, resolution is QVGA(240 × 320) resembling element, indication effect is very outstanding, take a picture respect, nuojiya deployed a department camera lens of 3.2 million Ka Ercai resembling element like N78 and N73, do not pass to have like the effect rise apparently.

Performance side, nuojiya module of navigation of fixed position of A-GPS of the buy inside N78, can realize the function of fixed position navigation easily, very practical, the clavier design of this machine is more open to question, digital key-press shows thin strip, each fine include 3 key-press, comprise traditional digital key-press by 4 strip, use rise key-press feel owes beautiful, operate by accident happen from time to tome, the buy inside this machine interface of earphone of 3.5 millimeter standard is very the design that human nature changes, OK and convenient user chooses different earphone. Nuojiya the window with the largest N78 is to depend on adopting platform of newest S60 3rd Edition With Feature Pack 2, what processor uses is the ARM9 CPU of 369Mhz, moving memory is 45M left and right sides, be the configuration that compares high end, because this N78 is operating reaction, much task to move,be very strong, airframe memory is 76M about, but can pass MicroSD or MicroSDHC is patulous larger size, of course, the patulous function such as line of blue tooth, data this machine also is do not have little, function configuration should compare N73 many driving.
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