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Electronic fax is to be in what science and technology arises in rapid development is efficient application, combine IT technology, communication technology, offer for modern office efficient, more economy, more the support of environmental protection, be traditional electrograph replace a product. As enterprise informatization process thorough with each passing day, those who become a company will need in bringing into the fax informatization management the road of classics. The electron that faces roiling on with full force faxes the market, fax software brand dazzlingly, how to choose right product to appear particularly important. Undertake introductory from 5 respects below:

, the product category that the choice fits

Before selecting product of a fax, the fax requirement that wants pair of oneself above all and fax product market become certain knowledge, there is absolutely stand or fall between different fax product, find appropriate the ability at oneself demand is the most important.

At present fax of the electron on the market divides roughly according to its job principle it is 3 kinds:

Above comparison in chart, stand-alone fax software is had most representative is WinFax, the software brand of this United States enters Chinese hind from 90 time, very extensive user is had in China group, but because be stand-alone mode, apply to an individual only or small business.

The network passes true delegate Fax99, there is certain force in home, because must use the fax number of operation business, accept the restriction that reachs security chronically, apply to group of hair to fax advertisement commonly or small business.

Fax server faxes a product as the 4th generation, assembled all functional advantages. It realized an user inside the local area network to faxing resource share, need to use server of a fax only namely, can let everybody send and receive a fax on his computer, the send and receiving that raised a fax not only efficiency, managing office cost, more strong the monitoring with true to passing enterprise and centralized management. But was waited for by foreign brand RightFax, Biscom all the time in the past occupational market, because investment is larger, home market progress is slow.

In recent years, a few software firms of domestic had realized the huge market potential that faxes a server, and actively undertook developing throw and applied promotion, domestic user is already OK the fax server that with be equivalent to foreign congener product only 1/3 lower even price buys function stability, function is perfectly. In home market consequence bigger EastFax is among them typical delegate.

2, product function decision uses success or failure

Be about to consider to use the issue of the level actually again after those who finished fax product category is affirmatory. The enterprise hopes to be able to search a high-powered product, the function that faxes a server but from the following 5 respects will undertake thinking:
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